Postgraduate supervision

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Professor Robert Cummins
Quality of life; subjective well-being; happiness and satisfaction

Professor David Mellor
Clinical child psychology; racism; mediation and conflict resolution

Professor Martine Powell
Children's eye-witness memory; forensic psychology

Professor Nicole Rinehart
Autism, Asperger's Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and neurodevelopment disorders

Professor Greg Tooley
Personality and behaviour; psychology of stress; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Professor Jane McGillivray
Sexuality and disability; Autism spectrum disorders; intellectual disability

Professor Lina Ricciardelli
Addictive behaviours; gender roles in health; health and adolescence

Professor Helen Skouteris
Mental health; obesity in children

Professor Jane Speight
The psychological and behavioural aspects of diabetes; assessment of quality of life and other patient-reported outcomes in diabetes; social stigma in diabetes; preventing severe hypoglycaemia; determinants of behavioural changes needed for successful outcomes

Associate Professor David Austin
eTherapy, eMental Health and Autism

Associate Professor Peter Enticott
Cognitive neuroscience, autism spectrum disorder, social cognition, empathy, non-invasive brain stimulation, neuroimaging, neurophysiology.

Associate Professor Tess Knight
Developmental psychology; ageing/gerontology

Associate Professor Alex Mussap
Health psychology; body image;
exercise and diet attitudes and behaviours; culture and religion; gender; visual perception; self perception

Associate Professor Petra Staiger
Clinical, child, adolescent psychology; eating disorders; addictive behaviour

Associate Professor Mark Stokes
Autism Spectrum Disorders, the female profile of Autism, misdiagnoses of females with Autism, Sexuality and Autism, interventions for autism, education and Autism, depression and autism, IVF and autism, Subjective well-being, circadian rhythms, antecedents and prevention of child injury

Dr Simon Albrecht
Emplyee engagement; meaningful work; organisational politics; organsational culture and climate; leadership and vison

Dr Linda Byrne
Cognitive development; neuropsychology; models of working memory

Dr Kate Hall
Treatment effectiveness for co-occuring mental health and Substance Use Disorders

Dr Nick Kambouropoulos
Addictive behaviours; eating and drinking behaviours; drug and alcohol use

Dr Gery Karantzas
Interpersonal relationships; psychosocial development across the lifespan

Dr Bianca Klettke
Child sexual abuse, expert testimony, legal and jury decision-making, forensic psychology

Dr Eric Koukounas
Psychophysiology; violence; human sexuality

Dr Jarrad Lum
Neurological and cognitive correlates of specific language impairment; developmental language disorders; developmental neuropsychology

Dr Janine McGuinness
Social psychology; social dilemmas; distributive justice, power and social structure

Dr Richard Moulding
Obessive-Compulsive Disorder (ODC) and related disorders such as Hoarding Disorder and the Anxiety Disorders

Dr Alan Pearce
TMS technique to measure mechnisms underlying neuroplasticity with cogntivie and exercise interventions

Dr Stefanie Sharman
Autobioghraphical memory, memory errors and false memories

Dr Jade Sheen
Stress and wellbeing amongst health professionals; parenting and mental illness; carer burden and mental illness

Dr Wendy Sutherland-Smith
Higher education policy; teaching and learning scholarships; assessment practices; plagiarism

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Professor Andrew Day
Offender rehabilitation; violent offenders, juvenile justice

Professor John Toumbourou
Substance abuse; family and community influences in adolescent health promotion; positive social behaviour as a moderating influence on social development

Professor Joseph Graffam
Disability services: policy development and program delivery; organisational behaviour; psychiatric disabilities and community integration

Associate Professor Ross King
Clinical psychology; health psychology; eating disorders/body image; burnout in organisational settings; professional supervision

Associate Professor Craig Olsson
Reducing burden of disease due to mental and behavioural disorders through enhancing preventive intervention

Dr Sharon Casey
Offender rehabilitation (particularly in relation to substance abuse), treatment readiness, psychometrics and evidence-based assessment, program evaluation, and juvenile justice

Dr Lata Satyen
Family violence - cross cultural issues, adolescent partner violence; refugee and migrant wellbeing in Australia

Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz
Group processes and intergroup relations in organisations and other contexts; attitude-behaviour relations; driver behaviour; social psychology; alcohol and other drug use

Dr Jane Edwards
Mental health through the lifespan, parent-infant attachment, rights of the child, service-user and therapist perspectives in healthcare, healthcare services development, and the arts in healthcare.

Professor Peter MIller

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