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Meet the Head of the School of Psychology

Professor Jane McGillivray joined the School of Psychology leadership team in 2012 and has held the position of Head of the School of Psychology since 2017. She is very proud of the school’s many achievements and the excellence that is consistently demonstrated across teaching and research domains. Throughout her academic career, Jane has maintained currency of practice as an endorsed clinical psychologist, enabling her to contextualise and enhance connections between research, theory and practice, as well as supporting well-established professional and community links. The focus of Jane's research is on mental health and social and emotional wellbeing across the lifespan, particularly in marginalised groups.

There are over 160 staff in the School of Psychology, including our teaching, research, honorary and professional staff. These are the leading minds that you could be studying with or working alongside.

Professor Jane McGillivray

Head of the School of Psychology

School executive

Professor Jane McGillivray, Head of School

Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent, Deputy Head of School

Professor Antonina Mikocka-Walus, Associate Head of School, Research

Associate Professor Arlene Walker, Associate Head of School, Rural and Regional Development

Dr Stefanie Sharman, Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning

Dr Ian Fuelscher, Associate Head of School, International

Lorraine Rodricks, School Manager

Terry McCormick, Executive Assistant to Head of School

HDR coordinators

Associate Professor Christian Hyde, HDR coordinator, Doctor of Philosophy

Associate Professor Jacqui Macdonald, Deputy HDR coordinator, Doctor of Philosophy

Professor Nicki Dowling , HDR coordinator, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Course directors

Associate Professor Alexander Mussap, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Dr Shannon Hyder, Bachelor of Psychological Science

Dr Richelle Mayshak, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science

Dr David Skvarc, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)

Dr Robyn Moffitt, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)

Amanda Dudley, Master of Professional Psychology

Vicki Kavadas, Master of Psychology (Organisational)

Dr Megan Turner , Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Associate Professor Jade Sheen, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Dr Carol Sandiford, Graduate Certificate in Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Master of Counselling

Dr Mayumi Purvis, Graduate Certificate in Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Master of Counselling

Study with us

Deakin’s School of Psychology empowers students, staff and partners to work toward positive change.

Academic staff

Professor Charles Abraham, Professor

Dr Beatrice Alba, Lecturer

Dr Jeromy Anglim, Senior Lecturer

Professor David Austin, Associate Dean (International)

Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs, Senior Lecturer

Ryan Baldwin, Associate Lecturer

Dr Michael Barham, Associate Lecturer

Dr Pam Barhoun, Lecturer

Dr Michelle Benstead, Lecturer

Dr Hannah Bereznicki, Lecturer

Professor Ron Borland, Professor

Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent, Deputy Head of School

Dr Lisa Burke, Lecturer

Professor Peter Butterworth, Professor

Dr Jamie Byrne, Lecturer

Cathy Caballero, Lecturer

Professor Karen Caeyenberghs, Professor

Dr Tim Chambers, Lecturer

Dr Elizabeth Clancy, Lecturer

Laura Clarke, Lecturer

Emeritus Professor Robert Cummins, Emeritus Professor

Dr Ashlee Curtis, Lecturer

Dr Meaghan Danby, Lecturer

Dr Michael Do, Lecturer

Dr Lucille Douglas, Lecturer

Professor Nicki Dowling, Professor

Amanda Dudley, Senior Lecturer

Dr Catherine Emerson, Associate Lecturer

Professor Peter Enticott, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research Planning and Governance

Dr Robbie Eres, Lecturer

Dr Sherryn Evans, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Subhadra Evans, Associate Professor

Dr Carrie Ewin, Lecturer

Dr Julian Fernando, Lecturer

Dr Loch Forsyth, Lecturer

Associate Professor Kaye Frankcom, Associate Professor

Dr Ian Fuelscher, Associate Head of School, International

Professor Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Associate Dean, Research

Dr Tracy Garvin, Senior Lecturer

Dr Matin Ghayour-Minaie, Lecturer

Associate Professor Rebecca Giallo, Associate Professor

Dr Belinda Guadagno, Lecturer

Dr Kate Hall, Senior Lecturer

Dr David Hallford, Senior Lecturer

Dr Travis Harries, Associate Lecturer

Dr Alexa Hayley, Lecturer

Dr Sharon Horwood, Senior Lecturer

Dr Dominika Howard, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Delyse Hutchinson, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Christian Hyde, Associate Professor

Dr Shannon Hyder, Senior Lecturer

Dr Nicolas Kambouropoulos, Senior Lecturer

Professor Gery Karantzas, Professor

Vicki Kavadas, Senior Lecturer

Supriya Khanijou, Lecturer

Dr Anna Klas, Lecturer

Dr Bianca Klettke, Senior Lecturer

Dr Eric Koukounas, Lecturer

Dr Keri Little, Lecturer

Associate Professor Jarrad Lum, Associate Professor

Dr Kate Lycett, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Jacqui Macdonald, Associate Professor

Dr Emma Marshall, Lecturer

Dr Richelle Mayshak, Senior Lecturer

Professor Jane McGillivray, Head of School Psychology

Emeritus Professor David Mellor, Emeritus Professor

Associate Professor Glenn Melvin, Associate Professor

Dr Stephanie Merkouris, Lecturer

Dr Mariel Messer, Lecturer

Professor Antonina Mikocka-Walus, Associate Head of School, Research

Dr Helen Mildred, Senior Lecturer

Professor Peter Miller, Professor

Dr Jacqueline Mills, Lecturer

Dr Robyn Moffitt, Senior Lecturer

Bronte Montgomery-Farrer, Associate Lecturer

Emma Moran-Wall, Lecturer

Associate Professor Alexander Mussap, Associate Professor

Dr Lisa Olive, Senior Lecturer

Professor Craig Olsson, Alfred Deakin Professor and Director, Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED)

Associate Professor Melissa O'Shea, Associate Professor

Brittany Patafio, Associate Lecturer

Dr Laura Pecora, Lecturer

Dr Mayumi Purvis, Lecturer

Dr Mark Rogers, Lecturer

Dr Caroline Rosenberg, Lecturer

Dr Nicholas Ryan, Senior Lecturer

Dr Carol Sandiford, Lecturer

Associate Professor Lata Satyen, Associate Professor

Fiona Seeney, Lecturer

Sherrica Senewiratne, Associate Lecturer

Nev Shackleton, Lecturer

Dr Jesse Shapiro, Lecturer

Dr Stefanie Sharman, Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning

Nicole Shaw, Lecturer

Associate Professor Jade Sheen, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Tim Silk, Associate Professor

Dr David Skvarc, Senior Lecturer

Professor Jane Speight, Chair, Behavioural and Social Research in Diabetes

Bridgette Speranza, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Petra Staiger, Associate Professor

Associate Professor Mark Stokes, Associate Professor

Dr Vanessa Sturre, Lecturer

Dr Meu Supol, Associate Lecturer

Dr Ruth Tatnell, Lecturer

Emeritus Professor Don Thomson, Emeritus Professor

Professor John Toumbourou, Professor

Dr Megan Turner, Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor Arlene Walker, Associate Head of School, Rural and Regional Development

Catherine Ward, Lecturer

Associate Professor Elizabeth Westrupp, Associate Professor

Professor Vicki White, Professor

Dr Rick Whitehead, Lecturer

Nicola Williams, Lecturer

Professor Amanda Wood, Professor

Dr Joshua Wood, Lecturer

Dr Yoon Hee Yang, Associate Lecturer

Associate Professor Hua Yong, Associate Professor

Our research

Deakin’s School of Psychology partners with industry, government and community to transform ideas into impact. Our world-class researchers, facilities and networks will kick-start your research career.

Researcher support

Stephanie Aarsman, Biostatistician

Ebony Biden, Associate Research Fellow

Jessica Bowring, Research Fellow

Kelsie Bufton, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Georgiana Cameron, Research Fellow

Dr Lauren Cameron, Associate Research Fellow

Annalee Cobden, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Kerri Coomber, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Juan Dominguez Duque, Research Fellow

Dr Peter Donaldson, Research Fellow

Dr Tracy Evans-Whipp, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Ali Fogarty, Research Fellow

Dr Talitha Ford, Research Fellow

Lauren Francis, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Peter Fransquet, Executive Dean Health Research Fellow

Dr Priscilla Gates, Executive Dean Research Fellow

Ralph Geerling, Research Fellow

Dr Lisa Grech, Senior Research Fellow

Jane Green, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Christopher Greenwood, Alfred Deakin Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Jennifer Halliday, Research Fellow

Dr Chloe Hawker, Research Fellow

Dr Aron Hill, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Edith Holloway, Executive Dean Health Research Fellow

Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, Senior Research Fellow

Lachlan James, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Hannah Jarman, Executive Dean Research Fellow

Dr Jo Jordan, Research Fellow

Sarah Khor, Associate Research Fellow

Gabby King, Associate Research Fellow

Esther Laurance, Research Fellow

Dr Genevieve Le Bas, Research Fellow

Brian Lee, Research Fellow

Dr Primrose Letcher, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Jake Linardon, Senior Research Fellow

Eloise Litterbach, Research Fellow

Dr Ilona McNeill, Senior Research Fellow

Jordan Morrison-Ham, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Lisa Mundy, Senior Research Fellow

Maddie North, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Pam Pilkington, Senior Research Fellow

Melody Popple, Associate Research Fellow

Alison Robinson, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Holly Rominov, Research Fellow

Dr Monique Seymour, Research Fellow

Dr Uffe Soeholm, Research Fellow

Dr Liz Spry, Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Kate Stephens, Research Fellow

Dr Anna Thomas, Research Fellow

Dr Nandi Vijayakumar, Research Fellow

Dr Yichao Wang, Executive Dean Health Research Fellow

Dr Jo Wrigglesworth, Associate Research Fellow

Ellen Younger, Research Fellow

Honorary staff

Dr Hamed Akhlaghi, Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Jane Anderson-Wurf, Honorary Fellow

Professor Richard Bittar, Honorary Professor

Professor Linda Byrne, Honorary Professor

Professor Catherine Crock, Adjunct Professor

Dr Carmen Cubillo, Honorary Fellow

Dr Dominique de Andrade, Honorary Fellow

Gavin Freeman, Honorary Fellow

Dr Anne Gadermann, Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Stefan Gruenert, Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Martin Guhn, Honorary Associate Professor

Dr David Heyne, Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Merrilyn Hooley, Honorary Fellow

Dr Dieter Kotte, Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Anna Lau, Honorary Fellow

Dr Mathew Ling, Honorary Fellow

Dr Michael Livingston, Honorary Associate Professor

Gina McCredie, Honorary Fellow

Lauren Moulds, Honorary Fellow

Christine Pavlou, Honorary Fellow

Professor Frans Pouwer, Honorary Professor

Dr Simone Rodda , Honorary Fellow

Dr Bosco Rowland, Honorary Fellow

Dr Alex Russell, Honorary Fellow

Dr Paul Sadler, Honorary Fellow

Dr Debbie Scott, Honorary Associate Professor

Dr Matt Stevens, Honorary Fellow

Nicholas Taylor, Honorary Fellow

Dr Samantha Teague, Honorary Fellow

Dr Kimberly Thomson, Honorary Fellow

Catherine Watkin Nolan, Honorary Fellow

Dr Yilma Woldgabreal, Honorary Fellow

Dr George Youssef, Honorary Fellow

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