Bachelor of Social Work

'The social work course at Deakin has been designed in such a way that every student develops a better understanding of the world that surrounds them. I am now employed as a Social Worker with the Department of Education and Childhood Development.'
Kate Robinson

Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion

'As I take the majority of my classes off campus, I have found that I have really enjoyed the flexibility that this has allowed to make time for work and other commitments.'
Carly Smith

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

'I have really enjoyed the opportunities to work with people who are often at a very vulnerable or upsetting point in their life and to be able to improve their situation and make a difference on an individual level.'
Kelsey Dell

Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)

'Pursuing honours after completing the Bachelor of Health Sciences gave me a hands-on opportunities in my field. I am currently employed at ISIS Primary Care as a health promotion worker.'
Sarah Roberts

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