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Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research
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Our Research makes a difference

Researchers lead a range of interrelated programs, which are organised into four strategic research priority areas: Clinical risk and symptom management; Workforce development and health care service delivery models; Consumer Involvement in health and social care decision-making; Health care ethics and policy development.

Clinical Risk and Symptom Management

Partnerships with industry form the basis for research in this area investigating the safety and quality of health care, processes for minimising clinical risks, and improving symptom and chronic disease management. Researchers collaborate with clinicians to translate research knowledge into practice, to develop and implement innovations designed to reduce adverse events and to improve the safety and quality of patient/client care.

Workforce Development and Health Care Service Delivery Models

Researchers in this area work in partnership with the health care sector to develop and implement projects to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health service delivery. One of the key challenges facing the Australian health care system is how to use limited resources effectively and efficiently to meet the growing demands for professional health care of an ageing and diverse population. Another key challenge is responding effectively to the increasing burden of chronic diseases. Researchers are developing and evaluating innovations to improve the productivity, responsiveness and capacity of the health care workforce to meet these challenges.

Consumer Involvement in Health and Social Care Decision-making

Researchers in this area develop and implement projects that encourage the involvement of consumers in decisions that directly affect and shape their care. Evidence is mounting that consumer involvement in health and social care decision-making produces safer and more effective, flexible and responsive care outcomes. Researchers are developing projects and initiatives that further our understanding of the issues that consumers face in accessing and dealing with the health and social care system, and also developing and trialling innovative solutions and policies to improve health and social care services.

Health Care Ethics and Policy Development

Researchers lead projects that examine the role and impact of ethics guidance and ethical frameworks in health policy proposals. The aim is to develop theory and produce evidence to inform the development, integration and implementation of ethics guidance pertinent to the ethical and effective delivery of health care. Projects also encompass the development of methodologies for the translation of evidence into the ethical integration and implementation of health-related policy. Researchers engage stakeholders, including policy makers, health service managers, clinicians, patients and caregivers to influence policy reform and innovation.