A day in the life

Thinking about studying at Deakin but not sure what to expect? Take a virtual walk in our students’ shoes and find out what a typical day might look like for them.

With Deakin, you get it all – innovative teaching, tailored study support, award-winning courses and world-class facilities. So the question isn’t why, but when?


Studying isn’t the only thing our undergraduate students do on campus each day. Social clubs, lunch dates and yoga are all popular activities.

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Cycling to class. Meeting your supervisor. 3D printing a new pair of runners! All this (and more) in a day in the life of a postgraduate student.

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Cloud Campus student

Being away from a physical campus doesn’t mean our Cloud Campus students miss out on university life. In fact, they can experience it all, whenever and wherever they like.

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International student

From classes in the morning to a festival in the afternoon, it’s never just an average day for international students.

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