A day in the life of a Cloud Campus student

Welcome to a day in the life of a student studying at Deakin’s Cloud Campus.

No matter why you choose to study online, Deakin’s Cloud Campus offers a seamless, collaborative learning experience. Study where you want, when you want, and in an environment that suits your needs. Learn what it’s like to study your course online by following a Cloud Campus student’s average day.

Your campus without walls – Deakin cloud learning

Find your calling. Deakin’s personalised approach to online learning means that you can fit study around life’s commitments.

10am: Using the library at a distance

Although all Cloud Campus students are welcome to visit any of Deakin's libraries on campus, our online resources are vast and varied. Jump on your laptop and browse through unit materials, research papers, articles and literature. You may like to download and print an e-book, stream a video or search the image database for reference material.

You might also decide to check your letterbox for the morning’s mail, for example, and find that a library book’s been delivered. Our libraries offer free mail delivery to students enrolled in online subjects. Not able to make it to campus? No problem.

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1pm: Virtual meetings

Once you’ve caught up on readings, you might decide it’s time to touch base with your success coach. All Cloud Campus students are given the opportunity to engage a student success coach when they enrol. They can be an invaluable resource throughout your studies and will contact you regularly to provide guidance and support.

Students undertaking research-intensive units are also often assigned a supervisor – usually their lecturer – to guide and advise them in their research.

Not being able to meet face-to-face with your success coach or supervisor isn’t a problem though: you can arrange a video conference meet-up, over Skype for example. Or schedule a live chat on Facebook.

Most lecturers are happy to meet with students outside of class hours this way too. It lets them check in with students they don’t get to see face-to-face, and you can clarify anything you’re unsure of from your classes.

2pm: Time to catch up on class

One of the best parts about learning through the Cloud Campus is that you can fit classes into your schedule, not someone else’s. 

Through DeakinSync you can stream lectures and presentations, chat with classmates, submit assessments, set up a personal portfolio… it’s a brilliant one-stop shop for almost everything you need to do at uni.

You could stream part of a lecture on your commute to work, or during your lunch break. You might decide to catch up on readings between appointments or other commitments. You might only have one day free each week, and decide to power through your coursework then. That’s the beauty of online study: it’s up to you.

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6pm: Speak to teachers during real-time classes

Although you can always review recorded classes after they’ve been given, you can also sit in on them live as the teacher's delivering them. This allows you to ask questions (and receive answers) in real time, so you can feel more connected with your classmates.

Some classes – especially postgrad or ones that are popular with students who learn online – are taught outside of work hours. This means you can get home before they start, or start watching on the train.

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