Support services

At Deakin, you get support every step of the way. For job advice, our career service can help. For health or mental wellbeing services, healthcare professionals are on hand. From childcare services to disability support, we take care of your needs so you can enjoy life at Deakin.

Study support and students helping students

Whether you want to improve your general study skills, need help with maths or a tricky assignment, there's plenty of support available. As a Deakin student, every aspect of your study is supported by a combination of online resources and learning platforms, student mentors and, of course, our staff.

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International student support

Got questions about your visa? Wondering what the local area is like? Our International Student Advisors (ISAs) can help.

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Disability services

Our Disability Resource Centre (DRC) supports students who have a disability or a health condition (whether it affects their physical or mental wellbeing) to get the most out of university life.

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Child care

Juggling a young family while you study needn't be a struggle, thanks to our on-campus childcare services. 

Available at every Deakin campus except Geelong Waterfront Campus (which has two excellent local childcare centres close by), you can get on with classes, happy in the knowledge that your kids are in safe hands.

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Multifaith chaplaincy

Deakin has a strong culture of inclusion and welcomes people from every religion. On each campus you’ll find a dedicated space for prayer or reflection and chaplains of different faiths to chat to.

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Medical centres

Each of our campuses has its own medical centre, so drop by if you'd like medical advice from one of our doctors or nurses. 

We can help you with all the usual things a doctor's surgery can provide, with the added convenience of being on campus.

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If there's something on your mind and you'd like to speak to one of our psychologists or social workers, it's easy to set up a free and confidential chat. 

You can meet face to face or chat over the phone – either way, we'll be there to help you.

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Safety and security

The safety of all our students, staff and visitors is paramount to us. We have around-the-clock, on-campus security services to ensure you always get the assistance you need, when you need it.

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Career planning

Our Graduate Employment division is dedicated to helping you prepare for the jobs and careers of the future. They'll help you research different career options, hone your interview skills, look for casual work while you study or find a graduate job. For more information, explore Job Search Essentials – Deakin's online career planning resource.

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Deakin University Student Association

Looking for a friendly face? You’ll always find one at Deakin University Student Association (DUSA). From social clubs, events and activities to free legal support, advocacy and welfare services, DUSA has you covered.

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Student housing

There's nothing quite like having a space of your own, especially when you're studying. You can choose to live on or off campus – both options have plenty of benefits. Our on-campus residences are also available to the public (at certain times of the year).

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Financial assistance

Deakin provides financial assistance to eligible students in a number of ways, including grants, emergency food and travel vouchers and budget advice. If you're experiencing financial difficulties, you may also be eligible to receive an interest-free student loan for study related expenses.

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Parent rooms

All of Deakin's campuses have dedicated parent rooms. These are private spaces where parents can change nappies, heat milk or breastfeed. 

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What all Deakin students need to know

So you've just started at uni. You may already have your Deakin Card, your timetable, you've figured out transport and where your classes are. You're all sorted, right? Let us help you even further with finding a job, joining a club, getting involved at uni, student finances, disability support or even health services.