IBM Watson

Deakin was the first university in the world to partner with IBM's groundbreaking machine learning and artificial intelligence program, Watson. Learn how Watson can help you during your time at university.

Ask and you shall receive

Looking for your unit guide? Food on campus? Study support?

Watson's groundbreaking artificial intelligence can give you important information, like who you can talk to about your course, how you can fix an enrolment or timetable issue, even how to get involved in life at Deakin.

Better yet, Watson is 24/7, communicates like we do and is constantly learning!

Deakin is a young, inspiring and innovative university with great ambitions; Watson is a breakthrough and cutting-edge system – it's a perfect match and represents thinking right on the edge of the digital frontier.



Get your Deakin questions answered by Watson

Technology meets human intuition

Watson has a unique capability to get smarter the more questions it answers. Watson is a key destination for student questions and answers, all in real time.

Clear and confident

Watson weighs up material to determine the best answer, but can also direct students to a person who can help them.

Always learning

Just like us, Watson continually learns and improves answers. Working together with IBM, Deakin's creating a more personalised and intuitive experience for our students.

Communicates like us

Understanding and providing answers in natural language breaks down barriers, and means students don't need to know the right keywords.

Watson gets smarter by the day

Thanks to a recent upgrade, Watson's now even more capable: 

  • It can use the Deakin and DUSA websites to generate answers to questions.
  • Watson accesses the Online Handbook to answer questions about specific courses.
  • Watson can walk students through processes, including assignment submission, paying for car parking and re-enrolling in study.
  • It knows which campus students are on, the course they're enrolled in and whether they're an international or domestic student. Watson uses this information to tailor its answers.
  • Watson also provides a confidence rating with each answer.