Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine

A joint initiative of the Victorian Government, Portland District Health, South West Healthcare (Warrnambool), Alcoa of Australia and the Deakin Medical School, the Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine's (CREM) focus is on the coordination and delivery of effective emergency medical management in south-west Victoria. The Centre received financial support from Alcoa, the Victorian Government and both health services.

Under the direction of Clinical Associate Professor Tim Baker FACEM, CREM plays a key role in the provision of emergency medical services in Portland, Warrnambool and other areas of south-west Victoria. The Centre also provides training in emergency medicine for students and health professionals working in rural and regional locations. 

Research activities focus on delivery of emergency medicine services in regional and rural communities. CREM has a strong interest in exploring the variation in clinical outcomes between rural and metropolitan sites for a range of conditions including cardiac emergencies and head injury.

Applicants for research degrees, including Honours and PhDs, should contact the Director for more information.

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