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Deakin scientists create revolutionary material to clean oil spills

Deakin University scientists have manufactured a revolutionary material that can clean up oil spills, which could save the earth from potential future disasters such as any repeat of the 2010 Gulf Coast BP disaster that wreaked environmental havoc and cost a reported $40 billion.

Negotiating parental duties as simple as talking about it for birds

Deakin University scientists have completed a world-first study into how birds negotiate parental workloads, finding the answer is as simple as talking to each other.


Sport industry an unlikely ally in environmental sustainability

When it comes to leadership in environmental sustainability, the sport industry might not immediately come to mind. However for Dr Sheila Nguyen, Deakin University sport for social change expert, they are a perfect ally.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson helps Deakin drive the digital frontier

Students at Deakin University ask IBM Watson 1600 questions a week to learn the ins and outs of life on campus and studying in the cloud.

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