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Pregnancy and diet

Call for participants in 'baby brain' study

In a world-first study, researchers from the Reproductive Health Research Team at Deakin University aim to discover whether 'baby brain' plays a part in excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Deakin brings Victoria’s underwater kingdom to the surface with bird’s eye view

Deakin University researchers have been given a bird's eye view of Victoria's underwater kingdoms, after attaching miniature video cameras to seabirds in a bid to work out how they find food in different environments.

No More Poo Taboo

Research aims to lift the taboo on talking about poo

In the crowded landscape of disease awareness campaigns it can be difficult to get public attention for some conditions, particularly those that affect our gastrointestinal tracts.

Dark chocolate

From superfoods to super diets – Top 10 foods for a healthy diet

Deakin University nutrition scientist Associate Professor Tim Crowe is on a mission to overhaul the term 'superfood' in favour of 'super diets' instead.

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