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death over dinner

Let’s have dinner and talk about death: Deakin to host launch of national end of life initiative
25 May 2016

Deakin University has joined with the Australian Centre for Health Research to encourage Australian’s to break the silence on talking about death and start a conversation with family and friends while breaking bread at the dinner table.

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Mums encouraged to switch off for their mental health
23 May 2016

A world first Australian study has found a link between modern screen-based sedentary behaviours and anxiety risk in mothers of young children aged under five years.

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Telstra and Deakin University collaborate on healthcare innovation
20 May 2016

Australians may soon be able to undergo ultrasound diagnostics by remote, thanks to a world first robotics technology developed by Deakin University in partnership with Telstra.

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Deakin welcomes Cats as MCG blockbuster looms
19 May 2016

Deakin University today officially opened its new $8.4 million Elite Sports Precinct at the Waurn Ponds campus by welcoming AFL powerhouse the Geelong Cats to train on the MCG-sized oval.

Diabetes linked to changes in gene behaviour driven by environment
17 May 2016

Why gestational diabetes leads to type 2 diabetes has baffled medical science for decades, but new research led by Deakin University has shown the answer could be in our genes’ ability to change their behaviour due to signals from the environment.

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Universities essential to economic transition: Deakin welcomes new campaign
17 May 2016

Deakin University welcomes the launch of a new stage of Keep It Clever advertising during the federal election campaign to highlight the essential role of universities in economic transition and job creation.

Migratory birds pay the bill for Arctic warming: Deakin research
13 May 2016

A warming globe has been directly linked to higher mortality among one of the world’s most iconic Arctic-breeding, migratory shorebirds.

Dr Joanna Cruickshank

Crowdfunding campaign to fight racism in Geelong high schools
10 May 2016

A new crowdfunding campaign by Deakin University historian Dr Joanna Cruickshank aims to use theatre and historical story-telling to fight racism in Australian high schools.


Having a sweet tooth not always linked to being overweight
9 May 2016

Sugar is the latest target in the fight against obesity, with calls for Australia to follow the lead of countries such as the UK, Mexico and Hungary and introduce a tax on sugary drinks. But does having a sweet tooth mean you are more prone to being overweight or obese?

Natural antibodies could combat Tasmanian devil cancer: Deakin research
4 May 2016

Deakin University scientists may have found a way to stop the cancer that has been killing Tasmanian devils for the past 20 years.

Deakin creates one-stop-digital-shop to help students explore career options
3 May 2016

Deakin University has corralled the chaotic World Wide Web and plethora of course guides inundating students with study and career prospects, creating a simple, one-stop-shop that pairs courses and careers.

Citizen scientists offer birds-eye view of Aussie backyards for conservation
1 May 2016

Deakin University scientists have gained the biggest ever birds-eye view of Australian backyards, offering a fascinating insight into the variety, number and even size of avian wildlife drinking and washing in bird baths across the country.

emergency sign

Study finds way to improve patient safety after admission from the emergency department
28 April 2016

Deakin University nursing researchers have found that how a patient’s condition is treated in the emergency department can be a predictor of things going wrong when they are moved to the hospital wards.


Hip hop, Islam and Youth event
28 April 2016

A screening of hip hop documentary Don’t Panik! and a public debate on the role of hip hop in the lives of young Muslims are highlights of the Hip Hop, Islam and Youth event from 5 to 7 May.

Deakin rings bell on brand new start for Geelong’s iconic T&G building
26 April 2016

The iconic sight of Dad and Dave will once again grace the Geelong skyline from atop the historic T&G clock tower when Deakin University officially opens the building’s next chapter this morning.

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