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Birds of a smelly feather stick together
27 August 2014

Raucous, gorgeous crimson rosellas are able to sniff out their own species by the lingering odour left over from smelly feathers, unique research by Deakin University has found.


Deakin University projects supported by Medibank’s new health research fund
26 August 2014

Deakin University health researchers will investigate the role of diet in preventing dementia and map the costs of treating mental health disorders thanks to funding from the Medibank Health Research Fund (MHRF).

Nicky Ridgers

Cold kids hot to trot in winter
25 August 2014

Children are more active in winter than in spring and summer, a breakthrough Deakin University study has found.

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University honour for eminent engineering pioneer
21 August 2014

The Chairman and Managing Director of the world's largest forgings company, Mr Babasaheb Neelkanth Kalyani, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Deakin University.

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Business in limbo land as Federal Government drags chain on pollution management policies: report
20 August 2014

Most of Australia's biggest polluters don't believe their energy bills will fall as a result of the carbon tax repeal, Deakin University research has found.

Maria Forsyth

Deakin’s Australian Laureate Fellow to help improve science teacher training
19 August 2014

Research carried out by Deakin University Australian Laureate Fellow Professor Maria Forsyth and her team at the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) will play a key role in improving the training of tomorrow's teachers.

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Passionate maths and chemistry teachers inspire Australia’s top female scientist and Laureate Fellow
19 August 2014

Australia could have been denied a top female scientist and a Laureate Fellow, and Deakin University a leading researcher, and passionate advocate for science teaching if Professor Maria Forsyth had stuck with the career path deemed suitable for young Greek girls at the time.

Far from being Happy Feet, little penguins team up in deadly attacks on prey
14 August 2014

Little penguins are more likely to forage for food in groups, working together to target prey, new Deakin University research has found.

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Map and presentation linking second London bomb group’s networks wins Three Minute Thesis final
12 August 2014

While research into personal and professional networks has provided us with insight into everything from how individuals seek employment to 'how work really gets done' in organisations, Deakin University PhD candidate Morgan Burcher is extending its application to understanding crime and terror groups or 'dark networks'.

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Deakin University duo to take on the mighty Murray in epic charity challenge for Victoria’s deaf and blind children
12 August 2014

Two intrepid Deakin University students will kayak the Murray River in a gruelling 2000km charity challenge to raise money for a specialist school for Victoria's deaf and blind children.

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Book tells story of Dr Mary De Garis - a Woman War Doctor ignored by historians
11 August 2014

Women entering Geelong Hospital to have their babies can thank the pioneering spirit of Dr Mary De Garis who lobbied for the first maternity ward to be built at the hospital in the 1920s and by doing so reduced maternal and infant mortality.


Non-fiction enthusiasts brace for a long weekend in Geelong with many good books and authors
11 August 2014

Author and former model, Tara Moss, Australian Paralympian Sam Bramham, extreme adventurers Andrew Lock and Jono Lineen and QI writer researcher Molly Oldfield will be among the writers and speakers descending on Deakin University's Waterfront Campus in Geelong next month for Word for Word, Australia's largest festival for non-fiction enthusiasts.

Jo Salmon

Students can help create healthy neighbourhoods for young people
8 August 2014

Teens of today are being offered the power to potentially help map out the future shape and design of Australia's capital cities.

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Many Australian SMEs struggle to network the Chinese way: Deakin report
5 August 2014

Australian businesses wanting to succeed in China must perfect the art of networking the Chinese way, according to new Deakin research completed in partnership with the Open University of Hong Kong.

Julie Pasco

Research finds more young men are obese than previously thought
31 July 2014

Deakin University research has revealed that more young Australian men are likely to be obese than previously estimated.

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