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Victorian first partnership between TAFE and university to offer students more study and career opportunities than ever before
30 July 2014

In a first for Victoria, a new partnership between Deakin University and The Gordon will create guaranteed pathways for students from diplomas into degrees.

Patient empowerment

Breakthrough in measuring how cancer support programs empower survivors
30 July 2014

Cancer support services world-wide are, for the first time, able to measure the benefits of their programs in empowering patients to manage their illness, thanks to the work of Deakin University and Canadian researchers.

Housing book

Time to start the conversation – “Where will I live as I get older?”
28 July 2014

"Where will I live as I get older?" is a question more Australians need to be asking of architects, planners, councils and Governments, Deakin University's thinker in residence Professor Lorraine Farrelly believes.

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Alcoa Foundation grant to help address female engineers shortage: Deakin
25 July 2014

Five final year female engineering students will receive a boost to their studies thanks to a special grant project between Alcoa Foundation and Deakin University.

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Deakin paints a picture of Victoria's regional female artists
22 July 2014

An exhibition celebrating the common journey of six female artists from regional Victoria as they continue to progress their careers across a diverse range of mediums will be on show at Deakin University Art Gallery from tomorrow.

Health eating in pregnacy

Excess weight gain during pregnancy could be the result of women running out of self-control
21 July 2014

Deakin University psychology researchers are undertaking a world-first study into why pregnant women struggle to maintain a healthy diet despite being highly motivated to do so, and are calling on pregnant women across Australia to take part in the research.

malaria parasite

Major breakthrough in quest for new malaria drugs
17 July 2014

Victorian scientists have made a major breakthrough in the race to find new drugs to fight malaria, one of the world's most devastating diseases.

Turtle coming up for air

Deakin scientists watch tagged turtles from space
16 July 2014

Millions of kilometres of protected marine parks covering vast tracts of ocean may not be enough to save some of the world's migrating sea life.

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Digital music piracy could be a thing of the past as Deakin researchers help find keys to lock out illegal downloads
15 July 2014

Deakin University researchers have helped find the keys to lock out digital music pirates through a newly-developed method that doesn't compromise the quality of files.

Sharleen O'Reilly

Australian mums needed to help prevent diabetes
14 July 2014

Deakin University researchers are recruiting 1000 mums who experienced diabetes during pregnancy to participate in a national survey that aims to reduce their risks of going on to later develop type 2 diabetes.

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