Deakin calls for community comment on Master Plan review

4 June 2009

Deakin University is reviewing the Master Plan for itsMelbourne Campus at Burwood and is seeking public comment.

The Master Plan sets broad guidelines that govern any proposed future development on the campus, explained Deakin University's Chief Operating Officer Graeme Dennehy.

"Our previous Master Plan was developed in 2003, and it is time for it to be updated to ensure it reflects the balance that must be obtained between the University's position in the local community and its aspirations to be a leading provider of higher education," he said.

Mr Dennehy said the Master Plan is a visionary document which sets out where any future buildings can and cannot be located. Preliminary work, including a stakeholder workshop, had already started as part of the review.

"The stakeholder workshop included representation by community organisations, Whitehorse City Council, and State Government agencies," he said.

"A feedback sheet was also distributed to 3000 households in the local area, and over 200 on site surveys conducted with users of the Gardiner's Creek environs.

"The initial findings from the community feedback process were presented at the workshop."

Mr Dennehy said the feedback process had already raised some interesting points for the University Master Planners, McGauran, Giannini and Soon (MGS), to consider.

"I would encourage people to comment on the Master Plan when it is made public in June," he said.

"Community participation is important and the University aims to work collaboratively with residents, local interest groups, Whitehorse Council and other stakeholders to ensure that future development is not detrimental to the amenity of the area."

Additional information:
The Master Plan Review will consider:

* The University's building requirements to meet future needs;

* The interface with Gardiner's Creek;

* Safe access between the Burwood Highway and Elgar Road sides of the Campus;

* The amenity needs of staff, students and the community; and

* Transport and access requirements in and around the Campus.

The Review process will also consider key design elements – legibility and wayfinding; precinct and identity; community interfaces and green amenity.

The draft Master Plan will be available for community comment in June. Deakin will also host a community event to launch this draft Master Plan and invite public comments.

The final version of the draft Master Plan will be subject to the University's internal approval process.


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