Deakin University announces Tertiary Partnerships Strategy

9 November 2009

Deakin University has revealed its strategy for advancing the Federal Government's Higher Education reform agenda.

Speaking at a Higher Education Conference in Sydney today, Deakin University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sally Walker, announced the establishment of the Deakin University Centre for Tertiary Education Partnerships (1.15MB).

Professor Walker said the Centre would provide enhanced educational opportunities for people in schools, people in rural and regional and low socio-economic communities, and people in the workplace.

"This is a catalytic project that will frame a new architecture for tertiary education in Australia," Professor Walker said.

"This is a major collaborative venture. It will be undertaken in partnership with TAFE Institutes, schools, communities and employers with the aim of increasing participation and addressing skills shortages. It will transform the current siloed relationships between different education sectors and between universities and employers."

The Centre will deliver:

  • introductory programs in partnership with schools to encourage students in low SES and under-represented schools to seek tertiary education opportunities - 'Deakin at Your School'
  • Associate Degrees to provide foundation studies programs for people in rural and regional areas who might not otherwise gain a university place - 'Deakin at Your Doorstep'
  • articulated and embedded higher education programs to those studying at partner TAFE Institutes - 'Deakin at Your TAFE'
  • industry, professional, vocational and higher education programs and pathways to people at work - 'Deakin at Your Workplace'

The Centre builds on Deakin's pioneering history in distance and flexible education. The programs will be delivered using interactive e-learning which will be supported by face-to-face teaching and peer support groups. Deakin will work in partnership with TAFEs to establish learning centres at TAFE Institutes, thereby utilising existing infrastructure.

"This is a cost-effective alternative to the establishment of campuses or stand-alone centres that are expensive to operate and often not well utilised," Professor Walker said.

Mr Kean Selway, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise) and CEO of DeakinPrime, is leading the establishment of the Centre.

"We are developing an unprecedented customer-centred approach that will make it easier for students, employers and our partners to benefit from the programs. Deakin will continue to build on its strengths in program and pathway design and development," Mr Selway said.

"Traditional approaches to the provision of higher education have not ensured a connection between what students study and the needs of employers. We will work with employers, industry and the professions to address skills shortages."


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