Workshop puts focus on the economic issues facing world economy

16 April 2009

Leading International and Australian economists will delve into and debate important economic issues confronting the world economy, including the Global Financial Crisis, at the 14th Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop (AMW2009).

Head of the School of Accounting Economics and Finance, Professor Mike Kidd, said the workshop, which will be held on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 April at Deakin University's Melbourne Campus at Burwood (Elgar Road), has built a growing reputation among economists for its strong academic tradition in macroeconomics combined with a clear policy focus.

Professor Kidd said highlights of the workshop would include a keynote address by the State Government's Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance Mr Grant Hehir on the Thursday at 11.30am.

"Mr Hehir will speak on the Role of State Governments in Macroeconomic Management and discuss the role of government in macroeconomic management, and in particular the role of State Government," he said. "Mr Hehir will explore the historical role of macroeconomic policy in Australia after the Second World War, and how structural and institutional developments influence how the Victorian government is responding to the current economic downturn."

"We are also particularly pleased to welcome ProfessorDavid Andolfatto from Simon Fraser University, Canada, an expert on banking, money and bank runs and banking stability.

"Professor Andolfatto has an impressive array of published papers in macroeconomics, a compelling interest in real policy debate and last but not least a sense of playfulness as reflected by his blog. Professor Andolfatto will deliver the second keynote address Banking Panics at 11am on the Friday (17 April).''

The workshop will conclude with a roundtable discussion on the Macro Aspects of the Global Financial Crisis featuring Professor Ian King (University of Melbourne); Associate Professor Olan Henry (University of Melbourne) and Professor Jakob Madsen (Monash University).

"Professor Madsen will argue that the rescue packages put forward by the world's government will have little impact and that the world economy and Australia is heading for deep recession," Professor Kidd said.


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