2010 Media releases archives

Deakin welcomes review of student visa program
16 December 2010

Funding boost for Deakin University diabetes research
9 December 2010

Deakin University plays major role in economic strength of Warrnambool region
9 December 2010

Funding announced to investigate development of a Centre for Rural Regional Law and Justice
6 December 2010

Deakin University home to Australia’s first world-class Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facility
1 December 2010

Warrnambool graduate now a Warrnambool professor
1 December 2010

Deakin researcher finds rural postcode disadvantage in law services
30 November 2010

New Deakin University Research on Crown Casino
30 November 2010

Could healthy living be contagious?
30 November 2010

Deakin University and TERI launch new centre
27 November 2010

National alliance planned for regional justice following Deakin conference in Warrnambool
26 November 2010

Leading author and expert on world’s poor to speak in Melbourne
22 November 2010

Symposium debates multiculturalism’s fitness for challenges of the 21st century
22 November 2010

Cultural profiling and the AFL
11 November 2010

Premiere work to give dance audiences new perspective
11 November 2010

Deakin welcomes $1 million donation from Harold Mitchell Foundation
27 October 2010

Call to introduce Open Access mandates to make research available to wider audience
21 October 2010

Slip, slap, slop on a product made of bamboo? Deakin research gives Aussies edge under the sun
19 October 2010

Deakin student gets people’s vote for arguing for Steiner’s place in architectural history
18 October 2010

Deakin symposium to explore vexed issue of Open Access
18 October 2010

Deakin University welcomes Federal Government funding for new medical facilities in Geelong
13 October 2010

Shortage of talented workers in China concern for Australian multinationals
13 October 2010

Visually impaired to get a new feel for visual art thanks to Deakin University researchers
7 October 2010

Deakin University researcher sheds light on science
29 September 2010

The Smart Bike – for the world’s recreational riders, what goes into the bike is the most important thing
28 September 2010

Deakin University explores new program to address national optometrist shortage
28 September 2010

Cycling culture and development of whole athlete hold key to alleviating doping woes - report
27 September 2010

Call for genuine debate on which carbon reduction path best suits Australia
27 September 2010

Deakin University professor to unveil study into managing the stress of farming in difficult times
21 September 2010

Conference looks to map future beyond doping for professional cycling
16 September 2010

Engine heat could drive fuel savings
13 September 2010

Poor relationships could be the cause of male sexual dysfunction
13 September 2010

National study proves illness prevention programs will save lives and provide value for money
8 September 2010

Deakin Three Minute Thesis Competition winner calls for tripling of aid to Myanmar
30 August 2010

New therapy could combat the weight loss and muscle wasting experienced by cancer patients
26 August 2010

Deakin University and Wuhan Iron and Steel explore future together
25 August 2010

Migration makes Australia work
19 August 2010

Deakin research precinct opens up new opportunities for medical, biological and environmental research in the Geelong region
18 August 2010

World’s most needy miss out on development aid argues Deakin academic
12 August 2010

Proof of Concept facility will enhance academic and industry partnership
11 August 2010

Other mums a major influence on whether new mums breast feed
3 August 2010

Deakin and GOTAFE bring Associate Degree to Wangaratta
3 August 2010

Cosmopolitan view for Deakin Eureka Prize finalist
30 July 2010

Project to give business tools and data to manage low carbon economy
20 July 2010

Deakin and Ballarat Universities collaborate to improve rural experiences for trainee teachers
19 July 2010

International conference on pharmaceuticals and global intellectual property rights
14 July 2010

Getting the jump on malware
14 July 2010

And then, just like that, the iconic mutual life insurance industry was gone
12 July 2010

Deakin welcomes Federal Government funding for rural and regional mental health education
9 July 2010

National recognition for outstanding Deakin lecturers
7 July 2010

Brand must bring back fond memories for customers to buy cars, banks and shampoo
7 July 2010

Flexibility key as Deakin staff members hit 40 years service
5 July 2010

Medical ‘smart bomb’ could be the key to eradicating cancer cells
5 July 2010

Researchers developing a smart bike for the world champs
5 July 2010

Sharing a passion for science
1 July 2010

Resilience helps disadvantaged schools achieve success
1 July 2010

Interactive launch of “Deakin at Your Doorstep”
28 June 2010

Employees and community crucial for companies looking to CSR to turn a profit
22 June 2010

Hymns help relieve the pain of early suffering
22 June 2010

US appointment for Deakin IT professor
18 June 2010

Deakin interns form link to industry in Western Victoria
17 June 2010

MBA students learn how to make sustainability pay
17 June 2010

Deakin students experience working life in Western Victoria
11 June 2010

Deakin University and University of Ballarat collaboration to tackle car engine efficiency, water allocation and athletic injury
9 June 2010

New program takes family approach to combating childhood obesity
2 June 2010

National curriculum an opportunity lost
2 June 2010

‘Baz’ helps develop clinical skills for Warrnambool students
31 May 2010

New biography tells story of Australia’s ‘most kissable’ diplomat
31 May 2010

Indigenous legal issues move out of the classroom and open students’ eyes
25 May 2010

$37 million Federal Government funding for new research centre at Deakin University
21 May 2010

Stress not the trigger for our increased salt appetite
20 May 2010

Divorce looms if your wife is unhappier than you
18 May 2010

Deakin law academic honoured with prestigious award
17 May 2010

Collaboration to explore what we know about our coasts
14 May 2010

New Deakin appointment a timely response to internships debate
11 May 2010

Kim Williams delivers Kenneth Myer Lecture
6 May 2010

Deakin law students well placed to tackle international arbitration challenge
5 May 2010

Commonwealth Government must move to control gambling regulation
30 April 2010

Deakin student film graduates to LA
27 April 2010

Eye disease drug could hold key to new diabetes treatment
27 April 2010

Deakin to award four honorary doctorates
27 April 2010

Ecology research benefits from the power of three
21 April 2010

Public forum to debate My School, NAPLAN and new curriculum
21 April 2010

New book shows ANZAC Day's many faces
20 April 2010

Will the fat that causes heart disease please stand up, Deakin University health researchers ask
20 April 2010

Older drivers needed for study of driver behaviour
19 April 2010

Friends lose out as middle managers feel work strain
19 April 2010

ANZAC Day commentary
19 April 2010

Professor Jane den Hollander appointed as Deakin University’s next Vice-Chancellor
15 April 2010

‘Well off Australia’ has lessons for world on human development
14 April 2010

Deakin Medical School lecture to explore impact of climate change on chronic disease
8 April 2010

Deakin research examines regional head trauma accidents
8 April 2010

Deakin University and TERI join forces to tackle food and water security and health care
8 April 2010

iPhone application to scan for food allergens
31 March 2010

Arthritis study to start in Warrnambool
28 March 2010

New site to help politicians learn the lessons from history
26 March 2010

Action needed on marine conservation
22 March 2010

News reporting and the rise of the mojo
18 March 2010

Deakin welcomes expert report into tertiary education
17 March 2010

Deakin student wins prestigious Australasian Hydrographic Society education award
16 March 2010

Irish expert on rural issues to address Warrnambool forum
12 March 2010

Dads can suffer the baby blues too
11 March 2010

Touch of reality for virtual medicine
11 March 2010

Deakin research finds south-west farmers are conserving water
10 March 2010

Water use cut 47 per cent in pilot Deakin program
10 March 2010

Dealing with crime in a virtual world
9 March 2010

Discovery of fat taste could hold the key to reducing obesity
8 March 2010

Deakin tower provides vital fire link
1 March 2010

Residents urged to share their diet and exercise experiences
25 February 2010

Deakin clinical school starts in Warrnambool
24 February 2010

Deakin medical students start clinical training in Geelong
23 February 2010

Boards’ ability to include and govern score points with fans
22 February 2010

Photographic exhibition celebrates lives of people living with dementia
22 February 2010

Women needed for health study
16 February 2010

Time to legislate on the marketing of low-carb beers
15 February 2010

Farmers and fishers invited to share their healthy living experiences
10 February 2010

How are Cranbourne mums navigating the food shopping maze?
10 February 2010

Former Warrnambool student returns for new course at Deakin
10 February 2010

Research gives clues to understanding and treating peanut allergy
10 February 2010

Deakin study reveals positive side to being a ‘boomerang kid’
10 February 2010

Deakin researcher wins prestigious fellowship and announces world-first book
8 February 2010

Omega-3 fatty acid may help prevent brain cell death
2 February 2010

Boards find CEO pay a matter of striking a balance
10 January 2010

Deakin Professor invited by Senegal President to join Dakar conference on Global Governance
10 January 2010

Deakin students battle the Tasman Sea, Bass Strait and 800 kilometres of open ocean to learn about leadership
5 January 2010


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