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Expert calls for greater transparency in super funds
15 December 2011

Deakin University’s first medical graduates ready to help alleviate doctor shortage
14 December 2011

Nicole Kelly - Mum at 16, Honours student at 29
9 December 2011

Deakin University child health expert named among the country’s top health researchers
9 December 2011

Occupy Melbourne be damned – new retail resistance movement deserts the shops and streets instead
7 December 2011

New book and roundtable put religion back into the development mix
1 December 2011

Deakin Vice-Chancellor to visit partners in Aceh and Indonesia for first time
29 November 2011

Childless women at greater risk of poor health, study finds
25 November 2011

Economics @ breakfast? Deakin forum tackles the state of economic policy debate in Australia
21 November 2011

Deakin University innovation lands the next generation of flight simulation
18 November 2011

Making shopping a feast for all five senses makes dollars and cents for struggling retailers
17 November 2011

Federal Government announces funding to support affordable housing for Deakin University students
9 November 2011

Nursing leadership award winners announced
9 November 2011

Deakin University receives Grand Challenges Explorations funding for research to improve survival rate of premature babies
8 November 2011

Victorian environment loses as reform agenda proves politically unsustainable for Labor
2 November 2011

Moving back home great for boomerang kids, but what about the rest of the family?
26 October 2011

Academics, journalists, politicians and staffers do a day's hard labour all in the name of politics
25 October 2011

Arts leadership expert to come to Melbourne and Sydney to talk with arts organisations
19 October 2011

Backyard coal
18 October 2011

Is our taste for fat genetic?
13 October 2011

Drug use not widespread amongst elite Australian athletes
12 October 2011

Multiculturalism in Australia is a successful story says United Nation's High Representative for the Alliance of Civilisations
11 October 2011

Minister for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd and President Jorge Sampaio to put Australia front and centre of inclusion debate
5 October 2011

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies and pirates - free talks tackle Depp and Tinker Bell
5 October 2011

UN High Representative heads to Melbourne for Australia's first forum on social inclusion
30 September 2011

Study reveals size of osteoporosis problem in Australia
30 September 2011

No need for old tyres to be an environmental hazard thanks to new recycling technology
30 September 2011

Community is missing link in crime control, Deakin University expert argues
28 September 2011

Business trumps politicians in determining the nation's vision
28 September 2011

Deakin invests $5million in Warrnambool research initiative
26 September 2011

Minister launches new joint Deakin and Gordon tourism qualification
23 September 2011

Diet key to preventing adolescent mental health problems
22 September 2011

Mother’s milk best for growing babies; and that includes baby pigeons
19 September 2011

The Australian’s Foreign Editor to speak on role of religion in modern nation
9 September 2011

Institute of Koorie Education celebrates 25th anniversary
8 September 2011

Telcos and policymakers urged to get real and have a conversation with customers
7 September 2011

From disadvantaged children in Bogota comes a lesson in how science can reduce animal cruelty and violence towards others
5 September 2011

Study argues for drawing to be put back on the science curriculum
26 August 2011

World-wide action needed to reverse 40 years of rising obesity epidemic
26 August 2011

Deakin University medical researchers find potential new treatment for bipolar depression
23 August 2011

Here's to hoping, just don't leave the outcome up to everyone else, academic argues
23 August 2011

Scientists and surfers unite over boardshort technology
22 August 2011

Parental status can impact obesity in children, Deakin University study finds
17 August 2011

Increasing our taste for fat a potential way to reduce obesity
15 August 2011

Deakin lecturer's new book tells of Liam Jurrah's journey from Yuendumu to the MCG
15 August 2011

Deakin announces senior appointments
12 August 2011

Baby blues can hit dads too
12 August 2011

Information superhighway not all that super for elderly or their carers searching for solutions
10 August 2011

National recognition for Deakin University research into more reliable ways to capture renewable energy
10 August 2011

World leaders to debate multiculturalism, citizenship and identity at social inclusion forum
3 August 2011

Deakin responds to parking fee concern
29 July 2011

Proud mum and educator takes out dual national teaching honours
27 July 2011

Parenting in a new culture a challenge for African migrant families
26 July 2011

New research exposes alcohol industry public relations tactics
25 July 2011

Deakin sets business challenge - bring us your sustainability-related problems, WOFIE will supply the brains to solve them
21 July 2011

Get rid of the caffeine in soft drinks and you can cut the amount of sugar, new study finds
20 July 2011

US, Australia and China policymakers must go beyond economic and defence concerns
20 July 2011

Public health of women and children, and donor-conception, make the fellowships for Deakin expert
14 July 2011

US, Aussie and Chinese experts gather for first time to debate rise of China
14 July 2011

Does 'consumer' activism make health policy more democratic? Deakin researchers ask
13 July 2011

Healthy diets equal healthy minds and not just in Australia, new research finds
12 July 2011

Should limits be placed on the tenure of bank CEOs? Evidence from Nigeria proves a three-minute winner for Deakin PhD student
11 July 2011

Finally, a story is told of East Gippsland's forgotten hero
1 July 2011

Teaching firsts helping to unlock the key to 'what makes a good teacher'
1 July 2011

Could blood donation be the tie which helps bind migrants and Australians together?
28 June 2011

Quest for inclusive society needs to adopt global perspective
27 June 2011

Deakin fisheries and aquaculture research ranks among the best in the world
24 June 2011

Men need to be made aware of osteoporosis, too!
23 June 2011

Most takeovers benefit shareholders Australian market analysis shows
16 June 2011

Labour or life for hire? Symposium to examine the international plight of the labour hire worker
16 June 2011

Go on, give society a break and be happy, but not too happy, Deakin economist says
13 June 2011

Man Up! Retailers urged to go beyond the mister myths of men and shopping
8 June 2011

Women may shop, but are retailers fit to serve, asks Deakin academic
8 June 2011

Research finds fishers less aware of mental health issues than farmers
7 June 2011

Research finds fishers less aware of mental health issues than farmers
7 June 2011

Efforts to address drunkenness and intoxication get lost in translation
31 May 2011

Deakin University study to reveal exactly what is involved in being a sports coach
30 May 2011

Deakin Professor works with UN to put culture on the global economic agenda
24 May 2011

Resource riches need not be a curse for PNG
24 May 2011

Race against time to capture the 'story' of Papua New Guinea
24 May 2011

New research shows hip fracture rates declining
23 May 2011

Deakin world first as filmmakers' dream RED EPIC cameras arrive
19 May 2011

Deakin to expand law course in Warrnambool
18 May 2011

New testing system to improve evaluation of flu vaccines and treatments
18 May 2011

Papua where? Symposium looks at Papua New Guinea now and into the future
17 May 2011

Deakin University receives top marks for IT security
12 May 2011

New book exposes how regulation has failed to protect casino gamblers
6 May 2011

Conference to provide insight into Arab Revolutions and impact for future world relations
4 May 2011

Active kids less likely to develop depression as adults
3 May 2011

Deakin appoints new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
2 May 2011

Taxpayers urged to put limits on safety nets for financial risk takers
27 April 2011

Amanda reigns supreme in study of law at Deakin
27 April 2011

Cambridge historian's talk to give ANZAC tradition a fresh look
15 April 2011

Depressive and anxiety symptoms reduce bone mineral density
14 April 2011

Farmers risk death by not knowing what to do when experiencing chest pain
14 April 2011

Governance expert offers up ingredients for arts boards' recipe to financial success
13 April 2011

Big Brother surveillance no longer scary - specular economy makes celebrities of us all
11 April 2011

Deakin expert and World Bank team tackle mobile banking security
4 April 2011

State Government funding announced for student accommodation at Deakin University
31 March 2011

State Government funding announced for Deakin University health hub
31 March 2011

Deakin University study to give a voice to people with Autism
29 March 2011

Minister officially opens Alfred Deakin Research Institute and Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library
29 March 2011

Deakin finds own space at Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library
29 March 2011

Obesity rates dropping in preschool children
27 March 2011

Are friends-with-benefits relationships more common than we think?
23 March 2011

World forum launch for new dual Masters improves prospects for Emirate women
22 March 2011

Deakin University and Chinese steel giant join forces to advance the future of car manufacturing
22 March 2011

National accounting research results to be unveiled in Warrnambool
4 March 2011

Deakin University migration expert to advise UN on development goals
4 March 2011

Australia set to play leading role in multi-million dollar global carbon fibre industry
25 February 2011

University installs new software to take pain out of Library information retrieval
25 February 2011

Kids forced indoors by poor park planning
22 February 2011

World’s first chemical guided missile could be the answer to wiping out cancer
17 February 2011

Forum to explore events in Tunisia and Egypt and prospects for change in the Arab world
15 February 2011

Deakin Professor becomes first Australian to win prestigious North American sport management award
8 February 2011

Fantasy football fans backbone of the code - Deakin researchers reveal
7 February 2011

China recognises talent of Deakin University professors
1 February 2011

New research points to the harms of alcohol industry sponsorship of sport
31 January 2011

Deakin University announces foundation director of new optometry program
28 January 2011

International study to examine what the best science teachers overseas can offer
27 January 2011


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