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Deakin welcomes report on demand driven system
15 April 2014

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor Jane den Hollander today welcomed the report into the Demand Driven Funding System, while cautioning that any changes must continue to protect the reputation of Australian universities here and overseas, where they actively compete against other jurisdictions, most particularly the United Kingdom and America.

Visual tricks may aid male great bowerbird’s mating success
14 April 2014

New research has uncovered the visual tricks male great bowerbirds employ to enhance their chances of mating.

New research makes migrant species a conservation priority
14 April 2014

Global conservation could be bolstered by new research that maps migratory species’ impacts on eco-systems, food web dynamics and community processes.

Consumers pay more to insure against mobile phone bill shock, research finds
14 April 2014

Mobile phone customers are paying more for their plans than they need to and may need the skill of an accountant or maths honours student to properly unpick the detail of telco plans, Deakin University researchers have found.

Deakin celebrates 40 years and looks to the future with confidence
8 April 2014

Deakin University today marked the official beginning of its 40th anniversary, at its Geelong headquarters, with a travelling exhibition celebrating the public identity and achievements of its namesake, three-time Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin.

Deakin designer brings Mandela Project poster exhibition to Melbourne
3 April 2014

Melburnians will get a chance to see 95 posters created as part of the Mandela Poster Project thanks to the efforts of one of its exhibitors and Deakin University lecturer in visual communication, Russell Kennedy.

New book examines the Bombing of Dresden - a tale of imperialist aggression, reconciliation or a war crime?
31 March 2014

It is unusual for war historians to see history being played out before their eyes, but for Deakin University's Dr Tony Joel, the story of the allied bombing of Dresden is still to reach its final conclusion 69 years later.

What is your memory of The Cold War? New book looks at how the war that didn't happen is remembered
31 March 2014

For many The Cold War is the stuff of abstract references brought to life through spy novels, movies such as James Bond and other TV telemovies, yet for Deakin University historian, Professor David Lowe, the effects of The Cold War continue to shape national identities and international politics.

Deakin course to give Queensland principals and school managers business skills
27 March 2014

Queensland school leaders will focus on the business end of running a school at a special course, believed to be the first of its type to run in Australia, being run by Deakin University in Brisbane - today and tomorrow. (Thursday and Friday, March 27 and 28)

Carrying extra weight could be healthier for older people
25 March 2014

Older people with a BMI (body mass index) in the overweight range live longer, according to the results of a new study.

Leading climate change expert to reflect on local adaptation challenges
19 March 2014

Professor Lord John Krebs, the Chair of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords Select Committee for Science and Technology will visit Melbourne this week to argue ‘adapting to climate change is not the same as letting it happen’.

Deakin researcher named as one of US' real monument men and women
12 March 2014

It might be the stuff of Hollywood movies but for Deakin University's own Monument Men and Women Dr Ben Isakhan and Di Siebrandt, working to protect the country's cultural heritage in the thick of a war zone and post war Iraq is very real.

Deakin and Gordon partnership creates more opportunities for students in Melbourne’s west
11 March 2014

More students from Melbourne’s west will have access to quality higher education opportunities thanks to a new partnership between Deakin University and The Gordon Institute of TAFE.

New Analytics Collaboratory makes business decision-making game-play
10 March 2014

Tomorrow's business leaders and decision makers will no longer be confronted by graphs and spreadsheets of figures thanks to a Deakin University and SAS research collaboration which will harness the power of big data and visualisation technology.

Deakin University welcomes public transport discount for overseas students
6 March 2014

Deakin University today welcomed Victoria's new public transport ticket scheme for international students.

Red meat and exercise could be the key to keeping body and mind in peak condition as we age
5 March 2014

Protein loading to improve muscle performance isn’t just for athletes and bodybuilders, with Deakin University researchers finding that a protein rich diet incorporating lean red meat combined with strength training improved the size and strength of muscles in elderly women.

Brain stimulation shows promise in treating debilitating balance disorder
3 March 2014

Deakin neuroscientist, Dr Alan Pearce, is trialling a potential treatment for the debilitating balance disorder Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.

Women missionaries the untold story of Australia's engagement with China
3 March 2014

When great tales are told of Australian explorers encountering China, most thoughts spring to George Morrison's trek from Shanghai to Rangoon in 1894, rarely is the journey of Mary Gaunt, or the exploits of Ellen Reid and 150 other women mentioned.

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