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Position: Associate Professor Of Nursing (Monash Health)
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Nursing and Midwif.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46807 +61 3 924 46807



  • Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University, 1996
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2007


Royal College of Nursing, Australia

Australian Nursing Federation

College of Emergency Nursing Australasia

Interational Society for Quality in Healthcare Association

African Federation for Emergency Medicine


Teaching Interests

Course coordinator for Bachelor of Nursing (Honours). Unit Chair for HNR412 and Co-Chair for HBS400.

Supervision of Honours, Masters and PhD students on campus and at Epworth Healthcare Partnership.

Postgraduate specialty courses for Masters of Nursing Practice, Nurse Practitioner,  Critical Care and Emergency Nursing. Unit Chair for HNN746 and HNN732 in Master of Nursing practice.


Subjects and units currently teaching

In 2012-13, Unit Chair for the following units:

Co-Chair  for HBS400 Research Methods (T1)

HNR412 Research Planning in Nursing (T2)

HNN746 Nursing, Cultural Diversity and Politics of Health Care (T1)

HNN732 Advanced Clinical Decision Making (T2)

Expert nurse advisor for HBS345 Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care (T2)

Student supervision


2013, (Co-supervisor) Operationalising consumer participation for quality and safety; Integration into specialty nurse education
2011,  (Co-Supervisor) The utility, acceptability and feasibility of a multimedia education program in engaging patient participation in recovery after Total Knee Replacement
MASTERS (Minor thesis)
2013  Detection of early DVT in postoperative orthopaedic patients, .
2013 Best practices in the care of patients treated with radiotherapy
2012  (Co-supervisor with Psychology Department) The relationship between shift work schedules, work environment and nurse health. 
2011  Nurses knowledge, attitudes and self-perceived skills in providing psychosocial nursing interventions for patients with cancer.
2011  Implementation of handover quality assurance tools for nurse to nurse clinical handover from ICU to cardiac ward.
2013 Nurses experiences of avoiding harms of hospitalization for older person with cognitive impairment in acute rural settings.
2013,  Evaluating the quality of nursing documentation after knee replacment surgery.
2013, Clinical Governance of strategies to improve older person care in acute hospitals.
2013 Patient participation in postoperative pain management.
2013 Reliability and validity of a multi-purpose tool for quality improvement of nurse bedside handover.
2012 Patient outcomes of  interprofessional handover into post anaesthetic care units.
2012 Nurses' experiences of implemeting clinical handover quality improvement tools into the post anaesthetic care unit.


2013, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Quality of pain management after orthopaedic surgery (H2A)
2013, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Acute pain outcomes after open and minimally invasive robotic assisted surgery for localized prostate cancer (H1)
2012, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS)  Quality of life and functional outcomes after open and minimally invasive robotic assisted surgery for localized prostate cancer. (H1)
2010, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Clinical handover quality in the post anaesthetic care unit. (H2A)
2009, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS)  The problem of poor attendance at cardiac rehabilitation: A case study. (H2A)
2008, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Supporting families adjust to the notion of palliation in the care of their child with a life limiting illness (H2A)
2007, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) An exploration of the multi-factorial influences on medication administration in the context of a medication management system (discontinued)
2005, BACHELOR OF NURSING (HONOURS) Nursing Management of Acute Stroke in the Emergency Department (H1).


Awards and prizes

2012 European Prostate Nurses Conference (Paris) Award for best Poster (second prize) (co-author and design of poster).

2011 International prostate symposium (Melbourne) Award for best Poster (First prize) (co-author and design of poster)

2009 The Alfred Research Week Professor of Medicine Award for best Quality and Safety

Poster (co-author and design of poster).

2005 The Alfred Research Week best Nursing poster.

2005 Phillipa Moore Publication Prize awarded by CENA (Vic Branch).

2004 Royal College of Nursing Australia, National Research Scholarship Fund, Bequest Fund for Research

2004 Australian Nurses Federation Annual Research Grant

1996 Florence Nightingale Committee of Victoria (Inc) bursary


Research projects

Committee Membership includes:

Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre, Deakin University

Clinical leadership group for Older Person Care, Department of Health, Victoria

Emergency and Trauma Expert Reference Group, Joanna Briggs Institute, International

Clinical Handover Improvement sub-Committee Epworth Healthcare

Technical Priority Reference Group, Deakin University

Research interests

My research focus is quality and safety of patient care in acute and hospital settings. Specific research interests include interprofessional clinical communication and handover; care of older persons in acute settings; performance of frontline interprofessional health care teams; patient participation in the health care delivery; and supporting sustainable changes in day to day clinical practices and hospital activities. My research to date has examined patient and family needs in critical illness, interprofessional teamwork and handover communication in complex clinical settings (recovery rooms and emergency departments), redesign models of care in emergency department and acute medicine, clinical engagement in service improvement and research, a model for interprofessional teamwork for older person care, minimising harms of hospitalisation for the older person in acute care, development and application of health policy, and innovations in models of care to deliver increased quality and safety and a high performing health system.

Research grants

2013 $49,965 Wickramasinghe, N. (CI) Botti, M. Redley, B., Taylor, N., Nguyen, L. Stein, M. and Vawser, T. A feasibility assessment for an intelligent care support tool for acute healthcare delivery in the private healthcare context. ERI Grants.

2013 $50,000 Simpson, L. (CI), Knuckey, L., Junor, P., McGuigan, S. Redley, B., Keating, A. and Botti, M. An innovative screening device for detection of lower limb abnormality after surgery: DVTect. ERI Grants.

2013 $49,467 Johnstone MJ (CI), Hutchinson, A. Redley, B. Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy Limited, Ella Lowe Grant. Nursing roles and strategies in end-of-life decision making involving older people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds admitted to Victorian hospitals for end-of-life care.

2012 $9,339 Redley, B. (CI). Prof Don Campbell, Mr Keith Stockman, Assoc. Prof. Paul Bennett. Tools to evaluate Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) in acute care: A pilot in general medicine. Deakin University Centre for Quality and Safety Research.

2012 $9,500 Lumley, C (CI). Botti, M., and Redley, B. Redesign of the nursing care delivery system: Developing an implementation framework. Epworth Research Institute Grants.

2012 $60,000 Botti, M. (CI), Cohen, E., Livingston, T., Johnstone, M.J., Duke, M., and Redley, B. $10,000 funded by Epworth Research Institute Patient participation in symptom management in acute care settings: An international cohort comparison (pilot) study (PSAPP) funded by Deakin University Centre for Quality and Safety Research.

2012 $250,000 Kent, B. (CI) Botti, M. Redley, B. Taylor, N. Smartward: evaluating the development and implementation of smart technology an novel CDSS. Funded by SmartWard Pty. Ltd.

2012 $32,536 Redley, B. (CI) Botti, M. Howe, D., Baker, T. Have you SCAND Mme? To prevent harm in older emergency medical admission to acute hospitals. Epworth healthcare, Southern Health, South West healthcare, St John of God Healthcare Warrnambool. Deakin University Quality and Patient Safety Strategic Research Centre.

2012 $24,424 Redley, B.(CI), Botti, M, Lethbridge, G., Williams, D., Riley, S. Wood, B. Bucknall, T. Patient outcomes of interprofessional handover communication in the Post anaesthetic Care unit (PACU). Deakin University Quality and Patient Safety Strategic Research Centre.

2011 $76,000 (CI Kent), B. Botti, M., Redley, B., Nguyen, L., and Taylor, N. Smartward: Usability and feasibility in a simulated acute care setting. SmartWard.

2010 $196,380 (CI Botti) Botti, M., Kent, B., Bucknall, T., Johnstone, M.-J., Duke, M., Considine, J., Redley, B. et al. Translation of evidence into pain management practices in acute care environments Australian Research Council Linkage Project. Epworth Healthcare, Cabrini Health, Eastern Health.

2009 $20,000 Currey, C. (CI), Botti, M., Redley, B., Implementing handover quality improvement tools into post anaesthetic care units. Deakin University Central Starter Grants.

2008 $191, 575 Botti, M. (CI) Beale, L., Crowe, H., O’Connell, B., Frydenberg, M., Royce, P., Snow, R., Costello, D., King, J. Peters, Y.K., Chan, C., Chang, C., Moon, D., Redley, B. and Ooi, J., Patient outcomes after open and minimally invasive surgery for prostate cancer: A longitudinal comparative study. Prostate Cancer Foundation.

2008 $15,000. Redley, B., (CI) Botti,M., Johnstone, MJ., Bucknall, T., McNess, A.. Interprofessional communication during handover in the emergency department. Deakin University Central Starter Grants.

2007 $249,338 Botti, M., (CI), Bucknall, T., Cameron, P., Johnstone, MJ., Redley, B., Evans, S., Jeffcott, S. Inter-professional communication and team climate in complex clinical handover situations: issues for patient safety in the private sector. Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in HealthCare. Tender 097/ 0708

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