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AsPr Kieran Lim

Position: Associate Professor
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env
Department: School of Life & Env. Sciences
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17403 +61 3 925 17403



  • Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney, 1985
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Sydney, 1989
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2005
  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Monash University, 2009
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Scouts Aust. Inst. of Training, 2012
  • Certificate IV in Leadership, Scouts Aust. Inst. of Training, 2012


Member Royal Australian Chemical Institute,Chartered Chemist,Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute,Member Australian College of Education


Member Science Teachers Association of Victoria

Professional activities

Editorial Advisory Board, Teaching Science, Journal of the Australian Science Teachers Association


Subjects and units currently teaching

  • SLE010 - Laboratory and Fieldwork Safety Induction Program
  • SLE155 - Chemistry for the Professional Sciences
  • SLE235 - Chemical Systems

Knowledge areas

  • Chemistry
  • Chemical and science education
  • Spectroscopy
  • Forensic science


Awards and prizes

Australian Award for Teaching Excellence for Physical Sciences and Related Studies, Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching (2014)

Visiting Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (2012)

RACI Fensham Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Chemical Education, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (2011)

Australian Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Australian Government, Australian Learning and Teaching Council (2010)

RACI Division of Chemical Education Medal, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (2008)

RACI Division of Chemical Education Citation, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (2002).


Research interests

I have research interests in science teaching and learning, and in forensic chemistry. Current projects include:

  • ASELL for Schools, which improves laboratory learning activites and provides professional development for science teachers in secondary school years 7-10
  • The evaluation of assessmet tasks to provide evidence that university students and graduates have meet particular Academic Standards: Threshold Learning Outcomes.
  • The (re)visualisation of erased serial numbers and other identifying markings from plastic casings



Some recent publications are:

  • S. C. Barrie, R. B. Bucat, M. A. Buntine, K. Burke da Silva, G. T. Crisp, A. V. George, I. M. Jamie, S. H. Kable, K. F. Lim, S. M. Pyke, J. R. Read, M. D. Sharma and A. Yeung, "Development, Evaluation and Use of a Student Experience Survey in Undergraduate Science Laboratories: The Advancing Science by Enhancing Learning in the Laboratory Student Laboratory Learning Experience Survey", International Journal of Science Education, 2015, 37, 1795-1814.
  • C. M. Hindson, Z. Smith, N. W. Barnett, G. Hanson, K. F. Lim and P. S. Francis, "Autocatalytic chemiluminescence sheds new light on the classic permanganate-oxalate reaction", Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2013, 117 (19), 3918–3924.
  • R. Jelly, S. W. Lewis, K. F. Lim, A. Payne and W. van Bronswijk, "Infrared microscopy studies of the chemical composition of latent fingermark residues", Microchemical Journal, 2013, 111, 40-46.
  • R. C. Horton, T. L. Kelly, C. E. Lenehan, C. Lennard, S. W. Lewis, K. F. Lim, C. Roux and D. C. Southam, "Assessing students’ attitudes toward forensic science: collecting an expert consensus", Forensic Science Policy & Management: An International Journal, 2013, 3 (4), 180-188.
  • K.F. Lim and S.W.Lewis, “Spectroscopic Techniques (Chapter 255)” in J.A. Siegel and P. Saukko (eds), Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (2nd Edition), Academic Press, Waltham (MA), 2013, vol. 3, pp. 627-634.
  • S.W.Lewis and K.F. Lim, “Spectroscopy: Basic Principles (Chapter 256)” in J.A. Siegel and P. Saukko (eds), Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (2nd Edition), Academic Press, Waltham (MA), 2013, vol. 3, pp. 635-640.
  • D. R. Bedgood, Jr, A. Bridgeman, M. A. Buntine, M. Gardiner, K. F. Lim, M. Mocerino, G. Morris, S. M. Pyke, D. Southam, B. Yates and M. Zadnik, Developing leaders of change in the teaching of large university chemistry classes, Office for Learning and Teaching, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, Sydney, 2012 <>.
  • S. H. Kable, M. A. Buntine, A. Yeung, M. Sharma, K. F. Lim, S. M. Pyke, K. Burke Da Silva and S. C. Barrie, Advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory (ASELL), Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Strawberry Hills (NSW), 2012, <>.
  • D. N. Donaldson, N. W. Barnett, K. M. Agg, D. Graham, C. E. Lenehan, C. Prior, K. F. Lim and P. S. Francis, "Chemiluminescence detection of 1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazacyclohexane (RDX) and related nitramine explosives", Talanta, 2012,88, 743-748.
  • M. A. Addicoat, K. F. Lim and G. F. Metha, "Reactions of Nb2 and Nb3 with CO, D2, N2 and O2: Reconciling experimental kinetics with density functional theory-calculated energy reaction profiles", Journal of Chemical Physics, 2012, 137 (3), 034301 (9 pages).
  • K. F. Lim, " A tabular approach to titration calculations ", Teaching Science, Journal of the Australian Science Teachers’ Association, 2012, 58 (3), 33-39.

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