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Aprof Lynn Riddell

Position: Deputy Head of School
role description
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92517270 +61 3 92517270



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Otago (NZ), 1999
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2006


Nutrition Society of Australia,

The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society


Teaching Interests

Unit Chair HSN702 Lifespan Nutrition

Teaches into HSN102 and HSN202

Co-supervisor 3 PhD students

Conferences and seminars

Nutrition Society of Australia, Adelaide, 2008. Presentation: Relationship between Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Antioxidant Capacity Title: Exploring food habits and nutrient intakes of university students undertaking a food and nutrition unit Nutrition Society of Australia, Auckland, NZ 2007 Presentation: influence of the school canteen on childrens food intake at school Nutrition Society of Australia, Sydney, 2006 Presentation: Reduction in dietary energy density following group education session Nutrition Society of Australia, Melbourne 2005. Presentation - Resting energy expenditure in 18-20 year old males and females: Validation of indirect calorimetry and Harris Benedict prediction equation Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, Adelaide 2005. Presentation - Does Body Weight Influence Our Health? Attitudes in the General Population American Dietetics Association, Philadelphia 2003. Presentation - Consumption of pre-prepared foods by college students & the impact of healthy food choice education. Experimental Biology, Washington, 2004 & San Diego 2003. Nutrition Week, San Diego 2002. Presentations - 1) Consumption of pre-prepared foods by college students & the impact of healthy food choice education. 2) Impact of food portion training on accuracy of food estimation in overweight clinic patients.


Awards and prizes

2008 Award for Excellence, Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences

2009 Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence.


Research projects

Dr Riddell is involved in a wide range of departmental, and Faculty committees:

Faculty and School Teaching and Learning Committees

School Executive

Faculty Teaching Leader's Group

Member of the undergraduate and postgraduate Food and Nutrition Course Teams

Research interests

Dr Riddells research is primarily concerned with the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. This research can be broken down into three main areas:

How much salt is consumed within the Australian diet, what are the dietary and health implications and what strategies can be employed to effectively reduce intake?

Is the presence of excess levels of caffeine and sodium within our food supply increasing food and beverage consumption?

What is the role of micronutrients in health maintenance and chronic disease prevention?

Current research projects investigating these three areas include investigations into the impact of salt and soft drink consumption on food and energy intake; components of food that passively increase energy intake and micronutrient profiles of blood donors.

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