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Dr Xueli Tang

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17405 +61 3 925 17405


Teaching Interests

  • National Economic Policy
  • Macroeconomics Of Open Economies
  • Macroeconomic Theory And Policy

Subjects and units currently teaching

  • MAE202 National Economic Policy
  • MAE302 Macroeconomics Of Open Economies
  • MAE413 Macroeconomic Theory And Policy
  • MAE905 Macroeconomic Theory And Policy

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Research interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic Growth
  • Social Security



  • Gahramanov Emin and Xueli Tang (2016): “Impatient in Experiments, but Patient in Simulations: A Challenge to the Heckman-type Model”, forthcoming in Economic Record.
  • Cong S. Pham, Xuan Nguyen, Pasquale Sgro and Xueli Tang (2016): "Has China Displaced its Competitors in High-Tech Trade?" forthcoming in the World Economy.
  • Feigenbaum James, Emin Gahramanov and Xueli Tang (2013): “Is It Really Good to Annuitize?” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 93, 116–140.
  • Gahramanov Emin and Xueli Tang (2013): "A Mixed Blessing of Lifespan Heterogeneity." Journal of The Japanese and International Economies, 29, 142-153.
  • Gahramanov Emin and Xueli Tang (2013): “Should We Refinance Unfunded Social Security?” Economica, 80, 532-565.
  • Hayat Aziz, Bahodir Ganiev and Xueli Tang (2013): "Expectations of Future Income and Real Exchange Rate Movements”. Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, 1274-1285.
  • Bandyopadhyay Debasis and Xueli Tang (2011): "Parental Nurturing and Adverse Effects of Redistribution". Journal of Economic Growth, 16, 71-98.
  • Bandyopadhyay Debasis and Xueli Tang (2011): “Understanding the Economic Dynamics Behind Growth-Inequality Relationships”. Journal of Macroeconomics, 33, 14-32.
  • Tang Xueli, and Ian King (2005): "A Comment on Roland Benabou's "Tax and Education Policy in a Heterogeneous-Agent Economy: What Levels of Redistribution Maximize Growth and Efficiency?"" Econometrica, 73, 3, page 1003-1004.

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