Energy Drink Conference

Energy Drinks ConferenceFindings From The 1st International Energy Drinks Conference

On the 6th and 7th of November 2014, a group of independent international scientists, health professionals, youth workers, local council representatives and others met to discuss current evidence regarding the consumption, marketing and harms associated with the use of caffeinated Energy Drinks (EDs).

Based on findings presented at the conference, the group have released a Statement of Concern regarding Energy Drinks.


Caffeinated energy drinks are the focus of a new and rapidly progressing public health conversation in a number of countries. With most developed nations experiencing an exponential growth in energy drink sales, there are emergent fears amongst many health advocates about the health and behavioural effects of energy drink use. A developing interdisciplinary group of independent, government-supported and industry-funded researchers are working to investigate the: health and behavioural outcomes of consumption; consumption by young people; consumption of energy drinks with alcohol; impacts of excessive consumption, and; public health and policy issues surrounding availability and product labelling. In this context, an international conference on Energy Drinks Research was held in Geelong, Victoria, Australia on 6-7th November 2014. The conference was an interdisciplinary meeting of international non-beverage industry affiliated researchers at the forefront of energy drinks research.

Invited Speakers

The following international researchers presented keynotes on the primary themes of the conference:

The stimulating truth about energy drinks and the heart (Professor Chris Semsarian, Australia)

Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: What are the risks? (Associate Professor Cecile Marczinski, USA)

Scientific evidence regarding the health effects and safety of energy drinks: What are the public policy responses? (Professor Amelia Arria, USA)

"These are for the cool people": why you won't see advertising for alcohol energy drinks (Professor Sandra Jones, Australia)

Organisation and Program Committee

The conference was hosted by the Deakin University Faculty of Health, at the Geelong Waterfront Campus. The Scientific committee was chaired by A/Prof Peter Miller (Deakin University) and includes Professor Dan Lubman (Monash University), Mr Nicolas Droste (Deakin University), Dr Raimondo Bruno, and Ms Amy Peacock (University of Tasmania), Dr Amy Pennay (Turning Point) and Dr Genevieve Cowie (Monash University). A broader organising committee for the conference was chaired by Dr Beth Costa (Deakin University), and includes Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz, Dr Arlene Walker and Ms Alexa Hayley (Deakin University), Mr Sean O'Rourke (VicHealth), and Ms Helen Reddan (City of Greater Geelong).


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