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If you'd like to study a research master's or doctorate at the School of Psychology, we have over 50 supervisors for you to choose from.

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Simon Albrecht

Employee engagement, organisational climate, attitudes to change, employee, team and organisational wellbeing and performance.

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Jeromy Anglim

Quantitative methods in psychology, Bayesian data analysis, skill acquisition and human performance, individual differences: personality and ability, selection and recruitment.

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David Austin

Internet-based clinical interventions, autism spectrum disorders, panic disorder.

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Hannah Bereznicki

Transcranial stimulation, pain management in chronic illness, authentic assessment techniques, student engagement.

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Jaclyn Broadbent

Scholarship of teaching and learning, psychosocial factors associated with health behaviour change, autism research.

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Cathy Caballero

Career counselling and assessment, career development, work readiness, employee development and coaching.

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Beth Costa

Adolescent health, caffeinated energy drinks, nutrition, qualitative research methods.

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Robert Cummins

Happiness, subjective wellbeing, survey methodology, resilience, disability.

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Rebecca Diehm

Secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, burnout, trans-diagnostic group therapy for depression and anxiety disorders.

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Nicki Dowling

Problem gambling, internet and other process addictions, psychological and online interventions, alcohol and substance use problems.

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Amanda Dudley

Childhood and adolescent anxiety, childhood and adolescent depression, school refusal, parenting.

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Peter Enticott

Autism spectrum disorder, empathy, cognitive neuroscience, brain stimulation.

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Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

State-based assessment of body image and mental health, psychometrics and scale development, malleability of body image, maternal body image.

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Clint Gurtman

Addictions, human and preclinical psychopharmacology, insomnia, countermeasures for sleep deprivation, driving, psychologist training.

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Kate Hall

Treatment of substance use disorders, coexisting borderline personality disorder and substance use disorder, impulsivity and substance use disorders, research translation.

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Melissa Hayden

Obesity, weight and weight loss maintenance, cognitive neuroscience and behaviour change, self-regulation, maternal perinatal obesity.

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Merrilyn Hooley

Parental influences of preschool child health (especially dental care and obesity), parenting styles, gender development.

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Sharon Horwood

Personality and chronic illness, childhood obesity and personality, education and learning.

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Christian Hyde

Neuro-developmental disorders, Cerebral Palsy, developmental coordination disorder, typical and atypical motor development.

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Shannon Hyder

Depression, resilience, violence, goal-setting.

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Nicolas Kambouropoulos

Drug and alcohol use, addictive behaviours, neurobiological models of personality, cue-reactivity, attentional bias and substance use.

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Ross King

Determinants of body image in adolescents and adults, carers of eating disorders, eating disorders, clinical psychology, professional and ethical issues in psychologists.

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Bianca Klettke

Child sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, judicial and jury decision making, sexting, family violence.

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Tess Knight

Mental health and wellbeing in ageing, intergenerational connectedness and social inclusion, adolescent depression, body image and sense of self after illness.

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Emily Kothe

Adherence to dietary guidelines, theories of health behaviour change, self-regulation
Intervention design and evaluation.

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Eric Koukounas

Human sexuality, violence, alcohol and sexual assault.

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Jarrad Lum

Developmental language and learning problems, specific language impairment, memory and language development, developmental neuropsychology.

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Jane McGillivray

Autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, mental health and wellbeing of people with disabilities, promoting health in people with disabilities.

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Keith McVilly

Adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, challenging behaviour, positive behaviour support, restrictive intervention minimisation forensic disability, quality of life and relationships for people with disability, professional ethics and organisational development in human services.

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David Mellor

Psychopathology and aging, body dissatisfaction, cross cultural psychology, child and adolescent mental health.

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Richard Moulding

Obsessive compulsive disorder, hoarding disorder, anxiety disorders, cognitive models of psychopathology.

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Alex Mussap

Mental health, body image, occupational sedentary behaviour, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), cross-cultural influences.

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Craig Olsson

Child and adolescent mental health, lifecourse epidemiology, psychiatric genetics/ epigenetics, transgenerational prevention.

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Martine Powell

Investigative interviewing, medical communication, sexual assault reform, child witness testimony.

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Lina Ricciardelli

Body image and eating problems in children and adolescents, body image and eating problems in males, healthy eating and physical activity, psychosocial risk factors and cancer, health psychology.

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Ben Richardson

Risky drinking in young adults and associated consequences, studying state based aspects of problem behaviour (using an experience sampling methodology), using smartphone apps and risk modelling as a means of early intervention for problem behaviour.

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Nicole Rinehart

Specific Autism Asperger's disorder, Attention deficity hyperactivity disorder, broad developmental psychopathology neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Bosco Rowland

Public health, health promotion, prevention, alcohol, adolescents.

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Lata Satyen

Intimate partner violence, migrant/refugee wellbeing, divided attention encoding and retrieval processes.

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Stefanie Sharman

Eyewitness testimony, investigative interviewing, false memories, autobiographical memory.

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Jade Sheen

Parental mental illness, human sexuality, simulation in mental health education, stress and burnout in professionals.

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Helen Skouteris

Perinatal maternal obesity, childhood obesity, maternal body image, perinatal mental health and wellbeing.

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Jane Speight

Psychological, social and behavioural aspects of diabetes, impact of diabetes on mental health and emotional wellbeing, evere hypoglycaemia – prevention and drivers, diabetes self-management education and support – development and evaluation, diabetes novel treatments and technologies – optimal use, impact on patient-reported outcomes.

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Mark Stokes

Autism, sexuality and autism, female profile of autism, social function and autism, pediatric injury prevention, autism and injury, autism and quality of life, quality of life, sleep and circadian rhythms.

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Vanessa Sturre

Organisational psychology, psychological assessment and development, enhancing and evaluating student placements and work readiness, employee engagement.

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Wendy Sutherland-Smith

Teaching and learning contexts, role of technologies in learning, implementation of policies in practice, ethical relationships, academic integrity.

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Don Thomson

Eyewitness testimony, juror decision making, suggestibility of child witnesses, detection of deception.

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John Toumbourou

Prevention science – integrating longitudinal, evluation and policy research, preventing alcohol and drug use problems, preventing violence and depression, promoting positive development, research dissemination and policy translation.

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Suzanne Vidler

Alcohol and other drugs, trauma, violent offenders, family violence, personality disorders.

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Kathryn Von Treuer

Teams and workplace cohesion, workplace performance, workplace health and wellbeing, student retention and aspiration, competency assessment.

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Melissa Weinberg

Subjective wellbeing, happiness studies, trauma transmission, scale construction and design.

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Lucy Zinkiewicz

Social psychology of alcohol and other drug use, work-related alcohol and other drug use, group processes and intergroup relations in the workplace.

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