HPS328 Registration Form

Start Anytime HPS328: Transitioning to Work

To enrol in HPS328 you must have completed the prerequisite subject HPS207, have completed 16 credit points and be enrolled in one of the following courses: A301, D387, D390, H300, H344, H344CR, H344DA, H344WE, H345 or H348. Do not register to enrol if you haven't successfully completed the prerequisites at the time of registration, e.g. you must have received your marks.

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Please ensure there is 6 weeks between the date you submit this form to the first date of the study period you have selected. If there is not you will be enrolled in the next available study period.
The enrolment I have now requested complies with any enrolment restrictions and/or prerequisites specified by the University. *
I have read the University Fees and Charges and Important Dates sections of the University Handbook and agree to pay all fees and charges arising from this request for enrolment. *