Honours in Information Technology

About the Honours Program

This program is designed to extend high achieving students and encourage them to undertake higher degrees by research. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) will enable students to apply to undertake a PhD in the field.

The course offers the option to either choose an honours project that is a continuation of their third year capstone project (if the student is completing a BIT undergraduate degree), or do a research project to prepare for postgraduate research, potentially leading to a career in research.

All participants in the course will be assigned an academic supervisor in information technology for the duration of their study to guide, enrich and extend their student experience. The course also provides the opportunity to attend research seminars to broaden their knowledge in IT and experience at first hand the cutting edge IT research happening at Deakin and in the wider research community.

The advanced coursework and research skills gained during the course are attributes highly valued by organisations seeking to employ graduates in consultancy, management, research and academia.

Admission of Students

To be eligible for admission, applicants must have successfully completed a Bachelor of Information Technology, or equivalent, plus have an overall level of academic performance of 70% or greater in their level 3 units.

In the case of students continuing on to Honours from their undergraduate BIT program, admission also depends on a suitable research project and the availability of a supervisor. In addition, adequate resources must be available for supporting the student's research.

Program Structure

The Honours program comprises:

  • Research project (thesis and presentation) - 75%
  • Advanced coursework and research training - 25%

A major part of the program is a research project carried out under the supervision of an academic member (or members) of the School. The project should be such that it can reasonably be completed in 6-8 months and the nature of the project should be such that it can be expected to result in a paper publishable in a recognised scientific journal.

Students will be required to:

  • present an initial seminar outlining their research design, and a final seminar on the results of their research project, and
  • submit a thesis.

Three coursework modules will also be completed, including:

  • literature review
  • research design
  • elective modules

Honours Contacts

Elicia Lanham
(Honours Coordinator) 

Phone: +61 3 9251 7602
Email: elicia.lanham@deakin.edu.au

Rosie Robertson
(Course Adviser, Geelong)

Phone: +61 3 5227 2536
Email: rosie.robertson@deakin.edu.au

Vincent Kavenagh
(Student and Staff Support Coordinator, Burwood)

Phone: +61 3 9251 7451
Email: vincent.kavenagh@deakin.edu.au

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