Student integrity

Deakin University is committed to honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility in academic settings and to the promotion of a culture of academic integrity.

The University’s Student Academic Integrity Policy requires that students:

  1. be familiar with and apply the principles of academic integrity, including by:
    1. complying with instructions for assessment tasks
    2. submitting their own original work
    3. acknowledging all ideas, designs, words or works of others, including in group assessments, in accordance with expectations of the discipline
    4. taking reasonable steps to prevent their own work from being copied by other students
    5. providing accurate and truthful documentation to the University
  2. encourage other students to act with academic integrity.

Where it appears that a student has failed to meet or to promote Deakin’s academic integrity standards, the alleged breach will be investigated under the Student Academic Integrity procedure, or under the Student Research Integrity procedure if the breach is related to research.

After the investigation and a hearing, if the student is found to have breached Deakin’s standards, the outcomes can range from a formal warning to permanent expulsion from the University or the rescinding of that student’s degree.

If an allegation of academic or research misconduct is made against you and is to be investigated, you will be given an opportunity to respond before the Committee makes its decision. Strict timeframes apply to this process, so make sure you read any email you receive from Deakin and follow the instructions carefully. Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) Advocates are available free of charge if you need help understanding the process.

After you have been notified of the hearing outcome, you may lodge an appeal on specified grounds under the Student Appeals procedure. When the University Appeals Committee has considered your appeal and advised you of its final decision, you can then seek an external review of the University’s decision-making process by the Victorian Ombudsman.

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