Entry requirements - postgraduate

There are many ways for you to meet the eligibility requirements for entry into a postgraduate course at Deakin. Each course has minimum eligibility requirements and some courses have additional requirements.

Minimum eligibility requirements

Applicants for postgraduate studies should:

  • have successfully completed a relevant tertiary program (no less than three years of full-time study at a university or other approved education institution)


  • have academic qualifications or professional experience considered to be the equivalent of a relevant tertiary program.

You must also satisfy the English language requirements as detailed in the Word document available in Schedule A of the admission procedure.

Specific entry requirements

Applicants also need to meet their chosen course's specific entry requirements, as listed on the course summary page via Find a course, or in the Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal.

These may involve completing an information form specific to a course, attending an interview or providing a resume.

Documentation required during application

If you are required to provide additional documentation to support your application, not supplying these documents at the point of application may result in a delay in the consideration of your application.

When applying through the Applicant Portal, you'll be advised when these documents are required. They can be uploaded at the end of the application process (maximum file size is 2MB).

The following courses have additional documentation requirements:

  • Nursing and Midwifery courses
  • Psychology courses
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Health Promotion
  • Exercise and Nutrition Masters courses

Admission and selection policy

Please refer to the Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) Policy.

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