Entry requirements - postgraduate

What are the eligibility requirements for postgraduate courses?

All postgraduate courses at Deakin University have minimum eligibility requirements and some courses have additional requirements.

Eligibility requirements

If you are applying for postgraduate studies at Deakin University you should have either:

  • successfully completed a relevant tertiary program (no less than three years of full-time study at a university or other approved education institution)
  • gained academic qualifications or professional experience considered to be the equivalent of a relevant tertiary program.

English language requirements

When applying to study at Deakin you  must meet the English language requirements, to the level required for the course.

Minimum computing, connectivity and student capability

To study at Deakin you need to have a minimum level of:

  • Device such as desktop computer or laptop
  • Connectivity to the internet
  • Capability to use our online learning environments

For details on what the requirements are and helpful information please see our recommended computer standards.

Specific entry requirements

You also need to meet specific entry requirements for your chosen course.

Requirements are listed on the course summary page through Find a course, or in the Course and Scholarship Applicant Portal.

Examples of specific requirements

Specific course requirements may mean you need to:

  • complete an information form specific to a course
  • attending an interview
  • provide a resume
  • or some other requirement.

Documentation required during application

If you are required to provide additional documentation to support your application, not supplying these documents at the point of application may result in a delay in the consideration of your application.

When applying through the Applicant Portal, you'll be advised when these documents are required. They can be uploaded at the end of the application process.

Find the full list of courses with additional documentation requirements.

Applicants with previous study at Deakin University should claim this in their application, but do not need to upload their Deakin University Academic Transcript as staff can access their results electronically.

Additional requests for documentation

If you are requested to supply additional documents to support your application you can provide these through logging in to the Applicant Portal and uploading these.

Admission and selection policy

Please refer to the Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) Policy

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