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Deakin University welcomes students who study through TAFE pathways.

At Deakin, we give Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) for TAFE / Registered Training Organisation (RTO) study as listed in the Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) database. Check it out for an estimate of how long it will take you to compete your chosen undergraduate degree.  If your course isn't on the CPL database, we also welcome applications for credit for any prior studies at a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO). If you're a school student, current TAFE student or TAFE graduate, you can choose to complete your degree at Deakin after TAFE study.

We know that many employers recognise the value of a dual TAFE and university qualification therefore, Deakin has partnerships with a number of TAFE institutes. We also know that some students prefer to initially study at a TAFE to help them get working and earning and to prepare them for university study.

Deakin is also offering Guaranteed Entry Pathways from selected TAFE partners to university in an expanding range of disciplines. This is subject to meeting reasonable entry standards and is designed to remove the uncertainty for students needing to make choices as they leave school.  This enables students to progress seamlessly from selected TAFE diplomas to Deakin degrees.Deakin has pathway arrangements with TAFEs close to its campuses in Geelong, Melbourne and Warrnambool.

We also have a range of formal pathway arrangements with many other TAFEs across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia for selected programs. You can choose to study at a Deakin campus or flexibly via the cloud (previously known as off-campus study) – the choice is yours! 

Deakin formal CPL arrangements with many partners, including:


Box Hill Institute 

(New: Guaranteed Entry Pathways)

Chisholm Institute

(New: Guaranteed Entry Pathways)

The Gordon

(New: Guaranteed Entry Pathways)

South West TAFE

(New: Guaranteed Entry Pathways)

HolmesglenKangan Institute

Bendigo TAFE

Sunraysia Institute of TAFE


Wodonga Institute of TAFE


Advance TAFE

New South Wales

Riverina Institute

(New: Guaranteed Entry Pathways)

Sydney TAFE

South Australia



 View a list of Victorian TAFE institutions and calculate your Credit for Prior Learning to determine your credit arrangements.

Please note you are still able to apply directly for credit for your prior studies even if your TAFE institution is not listed.

Why choose a TAFE Pathway to transfer to Deakin?

    • Earn and learn! Work while you undertake study. We're flexible and you'll have a better chance at better initial employment with your TAFE diploma.
    • Save money! You can save thousands of dollars on university costs by achieving credit for your TAFE studies by studying locally.
    • Be wanted! You'll have a highly marketable mix of practical and theoretical knowledge after your TAFE and Deakin study. You will also benefit from having not one but two qualifications - one from TAFE and one from Deakin - the best of both worlds!
    • Do it in stages! Learn the important skills for Deakin study while doing your TAFE diploma.

Achieve a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from one of our partner TAFEs and achieve between 6 and 18 months credit towards your Deakin degree. On completion of a TAFE Diploma of Advanced Diploma, and subject to meeting University academic entrance criteria, you will be offered a place to start in second year of a Deakin University undergraduate degree at one of Deakin's campuses or through flexible delivery. Guaranteed Entry Pathways provide more certainty about this pathway before you even start at TAFE.

A wide range of TAFE courses and qualifications lead to agreed Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) – that's credit towards your Deakin undergraduate degree.  If you undertake an eligible TAFE course in a field similar to the Deakin course of your choice, you will gain Credit for Prior Learning towards your Deakin degree. Access our online Credit for Prior Learning database to determine your credit arrangements as this will reduce the number of units you need to complete to obtain your degree.

So if you want to study at Deakin, and get two qualifications with only a little more time, TAFE Pathways provide a great  route into degree level study.For further information, please contact pathways@deakin.edu.au or call 1300 DEGREE (1300 334 733)

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