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AIS331 - International Internship B


2023 unit information

Enrolment modes:

Trimester 3: Internship unit

Credit point(s):4
EFTSL value:0.500
Unit Chair:Trimester 3: Katherine Barrand
Cohort rule:

This unit is available only to students enrolled in course A306, A326, D323 or D338

Work experience in industry:

This is a Work Experience in Industry (WEI) unit


AIS102 or AIS201 and permission from the Unit Chair

Please note that these prerequisites cannot be waived

Incompatible with: AIR330, AIR331, AIS330, MIS390, MIS391
Typical study commitment:

Students will on average spend 600-hours over the teaching period undertaking the teaching, learning and assessment activities for this unit.

Scheduled learning activities - campus:

Internship: Students will be required to complete a minimum of 8-weeks (40-working days) on a full-time basis


  1. Students may undertake an internship placement overseas OR with a suitable internationally-oriented organisation in Australia. Those undertaking placements overseas have the 2cp (AIS330) and 4cp (AIS331) options available to them

  2. Placements undertaken within Australia are restricted to the 2cp unit (AIS330)

  3. Internship units are normally undertaken in third year (or equivalent) and are subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements. Interested students should contact the Unit Chair in the first instance for further information

  4. Online teaching methods require internet access


In consultation with the unit chair and the international host organisation, students develop an individualised plan for their internship. This plan is designed to develop skills associated with the major or minor sequences, which the student is undertaking. The unit offers the students the opportunity to gain direct experience of institutional culture and practice in overseas public and private organisations and to explore the practical applications of their international studies program.

ULO These are the Learning Outcomes (ULO) for this unit. At the completion of this unit, successful students can: Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes

Compare and contrast relevant theoretical concepts and observed organisational practices and interrogate the relationships between theory/concepts and practices

GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities

GLO2: Communication

GLO4: Critical thinking


Critically reflect on personal learning experiences at all stages of the internship, including: identifying and setting appropriate learning goals and reflecting on potential challenges and strategies for their management; evaluating progress towards learning goals and identification of additional insights that are gained during/after the placement; identifying potential future applications/directions for learning and professional development

GLO2: Communication

GLO5: Problem solving

GLO6: Self-management


Demonstrate awareness of independent working practices and explain their appropriate application within a professional context on the basis of personal experience

GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities

GLO5: Problem solving

GLO6: Self-management


Explain clearly and concisely the main insights gained from the internship experience in language appropriate to the task and for the target audience

GLO2: Communication

GLO4: Critical thinking


Assessment Description Student output Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
Indicative due week
Assessment 1 - Pre-departure Report 4000 words
or equivalent
25% Information not yet available
Assessment 2 - Journal 4000 words
or equivalent
25% Information not yet available
Assessment 3 - Report 6000 words
or equivalent
40% Information not yet available
Assessment 4 - Report 1000 words
or equivalent
10% Information not yet available

The assessment due weeks provided may change. The Unit Chair will clarify the exact assessment requirements, including the due date, at the start of the teaching period.

Learning Resource

The texts and reading list for the unit can be found on the University Library via AIS331 
Note: Select the relevant trimester reading list. Please note that a future teaching period's reading list may not be available until a month prior to the start of that teaching period so you may wish to use the relevant trimester's prior year reading list as a guide only.

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