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APE700 - Internship A


2023 unit information

Enrolment modes:

Trimester 1: Internship

Trimester 2: Internship

Trimester 3: Internship

Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit Chair:Trimester 1: Jonathan Ritchie
Trimester 2: Jonathan Ritchie
Trimester 3: Lorinda Cramer
Cohort rule:Nil

Students need to seek permission from the unit chair to enrol.
This unit may not be taken in the first trimester of enrolment in the relevant course

Typical study commitment:

This is a Work Integrated Learning Unit.

Students will on average spend 150-hours over the teaching period undertaking the teaching, learning and assessment activities for this unit.

For the 1 CP unit this will a minimum of 100 hours (approximately 15-20 days) working in a host organisation, plus approximately 50 hours for individual reflection and assessment

Scheduled learning activities - online:

Internship enrolment is subject to completion of specified prerequisite units and special application requirements.

All students must complete the following three-step internship application process:

Prepare: Complete the ArtsEd Pre-Internship Program in the unit site. It is recommended that you also discuss your career and internship goals with the Course Director (or delegate) of your degree.

Secure: Identify, research and contact potential host organisations. Negotiate your tasks, goals, hours, and supervision arrangements.

Register: *Apply online to have your internship approved. Students cannot commence their internship or enrol in this unit until they have applied online and received approval from the Faculty of Arts and Education Work Integrated Learning team.

*Please note that internship applications need to be registered at least two weeks before commencing an internship. Students will have the best success if they commence their research, planning and preparation early.

Please contact the Faculty of Arts and Education WIL Team for more information - prepare, secure and register an internship


The purpose of the unit is to allow students studying for taught postgraduate qualifications in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and who are usually in their final trimester of study, to take up a work or volunteer placement within a host organisation in Australia or overseas. The placement will assist them to gain an understanding of a workplace environment associated with their area of study, as well as undertake a specific project which makes a meaningful contribution. The basic principle of the Internship is that it should further the interests of both the students and the host organisation.

The Internship unit offers students an opportunity to gain first hand work experience in a region or employment sector closely associated with topics studied at university, and to explore the practical applications of their academic study. Students are expected to complete a minimum 15-days of work experience in their chosen organisation, either on a full time or part time basis.

ULO These are the Learning Outcomes (ULO) for this unit. At the completion of this unit, successful students can: Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate your capacity to work effectively and collaboratively with others, while still maintaining responsibility for your own learning

GLO6: Self-management

GLO7: Teamwork


Evaluate workplace and professional practices relevant to your discipline, to advance attainment of career goals

GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities

GLO4: Critical Thinking


Articulate and evidence the insights gained during your internship, and your transferable knowledge and skills

GLO1: Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities

GLO2: Communication

These Unit Learning Outcomes are applicable for all teaching periods throughout the year.


Assessment Description Student output Grading and weighting
(% total mark for unit)
Indicative due week
Assessment 1 - pre-placement report 1000 words 20% Online submission
prior to commencement of internship
Assessment 2 – Presentation 3 minutes (1500 words or equivalent) 30% Online, at the midway point of your internship
Assessment 3 – final report 2500 words 50% Within two weeks of the end of the placement or internship

The assessment due weeks provided may change. The Unit Chair will clarify the exact assessment requirements, including the due date, at the start of the teaching period.

Hurdle requirement

Brief summary of assessment tasks and hurdle requirement Rationale Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes

Prior to enrolment in the unit, students are required to undertake  Complete the ArtsEd Pre-Internship Program in CloudDeakin

The ArtsED pre-internship program is compulsory training program that students must complete in CloudDeakin to prepare their internship experience. The program includes a set of resources to help them learn about how to find the right placement, how to make a great first impression, understand insurance and what their rights and responsibilities are as an intern.

GLO6: Self-management

Learning Resource

There is no prescribed text. Unit materials are provided via the unit site. This includes unit topic readings and references to further information.

Unit Fee Information

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