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Key stakeholder perspectives of drink restrictions in Newcastle, Australia

A Curtis, P Miller, D Palmer, I Warren, E McFarlane, K Hudson

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Demographic and substance use factors associated with non-violent alcohol-related injuries among patrons of Australian night-time entertainment districts

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Funder interference in addiction research: an international survey of authors

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Effectiveness of community-based interventions for reducing alcohol-related harm in two metropolitan and two regional sites in Victoria, Australia

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'The ones that turn up are the ones that are responsible': Key stakeholders perspectives on liquor accords

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Patron banning in the nightlife entertainment districts: a key informant perspective

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Prevalence and correlates of drink driving within patrons of Australian night-time entertainment precincts

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Effectiveness of interventions for convicted DUI offenders in reducing recidivism: a systematic review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature

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Looking for a needle in the haystack: arsonists with intellectual disability in Australia

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Demographic risk factors for alcohol-related aggression in and around licensed venues

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Drug use in Australian nightlife settings: estimation of prevalence and validity of self-report

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Longitudinal predictors of domestic violence perpetration and victimization: asystematic review

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Changes in injury-related hospital emergency department presentations associated with the imposition of regulatory versus voluntary licensing conditions on licensed venues in two cities

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Alcohol, masculinity, honour and male barroom aggression in an Australian sample

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Key stakeholder views of venue lockouts in Newcastle and Geelong

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Diabetes in people with an intellectual disability: a systematic review of prevalence, incidence and impact

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Sentencing offenders with mental impairment: the case of arsonists with intellectual disability

A Curtis, K McVilly, A Day

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The impact of specialist training on professional identity, organisational membership, organisational commitment and stress in correctional psychologists

A Curtis, A Day

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The association between an abusive father-son relationship, quantity of alcohol consumption, and male-to-male alcohol-related agression

P Miller, J Hargreaves, A Curtis, L Zinkiewicz

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Arson treatment programmes for offenders with disability : a systematic review of the literature

A Curtis, K McVilly, A Day

(2012), Vol. 3, pp. 186-205, Journal of learning disabilities and offending behaviour, Bingley, England, C1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

VCGLR Liquor forum evaluation

Dr Ashlee Curtis, Prof Peter Miller, A/Prof Darren Palmer, Dr Nic Droste, Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Shannon Hyder, Miss Florentine Martino

  • 2016: $9,981
  • 2015: $39,930

Queensland alcohol-fuelled violence policy evaluation

Prof Peter Miller, Dr Jason Ferris, Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Nicholas Carah, A/Prof Kypros Kypri, Prof Jakob Najman, Prof Robin Room, A/Prof Alan Clough, A/Prof Belinda Lloyd, Dr Sarah Callinan, Dr Jason Jiang, Dr Michael Livingston, Ms Sharon Matthews, Dr Elizabeth Manton, Dr Nic Droste, Dr Ashlee Curtis

  • 2017: $87,600
  • 2016: $115,201


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