Dr Kristy Hess



Senior Lecturer In Communication


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University, 2001
Bachelor of Philosophy, University of South Australia, 2014


+61 3 556 33118

Biography summary

Kristy Hess is a leader of research into local and community media at Deakin University. She is also the academic director of the CPA/Deakin community journalism program and an editorial board member of the international journal Digital Journalism. Kristy is currently guest editing special issues of Journalism Studies (UK) and the Australian Journalism Review. She is also the co-author of Local Journalism in a Digital World (Palgrave MacMillan) with her colleague Lisa Waller.  Kristy is the recipient of an Office of Teaching and Learning Citation (2014) for contribution to enhancing student learning and was nominated for a National Award Teaching Award (2015).

Research interests

 local, hyperlocal and community news; media power and society, social capital, media and civic participation, 'naming and shaming' in digital times, media at the margins of society, Bourdieusian scholarship

Teaching interests

Country Press Australia/Deakin University academic coordinator

Units taught



Honours supervision 


- National Teaching Excellence Award nomination, 2015

- OLT Citation for teaching excellence, 2014

- APA Scholarship PhD University of South Australia 2010-2013

- Deakin University Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellence ,2009

- Deakin University Vice Chancellor Award for Contribution to Rural and Regional Engagement, 2009

- Dean's award for excellence in team teaching 2009

- Deakin University Faculty of Arts & Education teaching award for an early career
teacher, 2008.


FOR CURRENT RESEARCH OUTPUT PLEASE VIEW https://deakin.academia.edu/KristyHess


Hess K & Waller L (2017) Local journalism in a digital world, Palgrave MacMillan, London.


Gutsche, R & Hess K (2017) Contesting communities: Journalism and social order in a fragmented media world, Journalism Studies, UK.

Call for Papers: http://explore.tandfonline.com/page/ah/journalism-studies-resource-centre/calls-for-papers/contesting-communities

Hess K and Waller L (2016) Rethinking media and local government, Australian Journalism Review.


- digitally-mediated civic participation in rural/regional Australia.

- Edward Wilson Trust research into rural/regional media  (with Julie Freeman & Lisa Waller, Deakin University)

- Media at the Margins (with Lisa Waller & Kristin Demetrious, Deakin University)

- journalism and social order (with Ted Gutsche, Florida International University)

- theorising news media and cultural borders/boundaries (with Professor Ian Richards, UniSA)

- rethinking Bourdieu and centre/periphery relations (with Julie Rowlands, Deakin University)

- media shaming in a digital era (with Lisa Waller, Deakin University)


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Industry and Other Funding

Naming and shaming: A multi-perspectival view of media shaming for minor crimes and its relationship to the courts

A/Prof Lisa Waller, Dr Kristy Hess

  • 2014: $2,000
  • 2013: $3,000

Mixed Fortunes: An examination of circulation rise and decline in two Victorian news communities

Dr Kristy Hess

  • 2016: $5,000


No completed student supervisions to report