Dr Rod Neilsen



Lecturer In Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (Tesol)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University College Cardiff, 1978
Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of London, 1985
Master of Education, University of South Australia, 1997
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 2007


+61 3 924 45437

Research interests

Cultural factors affecting language acquisition, globalisation of teaching, language teacher education


Language Awareness Association
Applied Linguistics Association of Australia

Teaching interests

ECL753 Linguistics for Language Teaching


Neilsen, R.P. (2012) Negotiating first and second language Grammar in the new English Curriculum: what do teachers really need to know? TESOL Colloquim, University of Sysney Neilsen, R.P. (2012). Code switching and Identity within a bilingual family: a linguistic narrative. 11th International Language Awareness Conference, Montreal, Canada. Neilsen, R.P. (2011).Action research for Malaysian pre-service TESOL teachers in a cross-cultural environment. Teaching English Language in Asia, Penang, Nov 2011 Neilsen, R.P. (2011).Migration, Identity and the loss of English as a second language among elderly migrants in Brisbane. 5th Global Conference on Diasporas: Exploring Critical Issues, Oxford, England. 2011 Neilsen, R.P. (2010). Moments of disruption and the development of expatriate TESOL. ACTA conference, Gold Coast, August 2010 Neilsen, R.P. (2010).Teaching Across Disciplines. Applied Linguistics Australia conference, University of Queensland, August 2010 Van Bergen, P., Bahr, N., Wright, T., Allender, T., Freebody, P., Barton, G., & Neilsen, R. (2009, April). The Awareness and Explication of Disciplinarity across Four Senior-Secondary Subject Areas. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association annual conference, San Diego. Neilsen, R., Freebody, P., Bahr, N., Wright, T., Barton, G., Van Bergen, P., et al. (2008, November). Knowledge Communication and Disciplinarity in Senior Schooling: An Exploration. Poster presented at the 3rd Practice-based and Practitioner Research Conference, Bergen, Norway. Neilsen, R.P. (2007).The Expatriate TESOL teacher: recommendations for training. Applied Linguistics Association Australia conference Wollongong July 2007. Neilsen, R.P. (2003).Global Nomads: expatriate English language teachers in the new global culture. TESOL Arabia conference, Dubai 2003. Neilsen, R.P. (2001).Global Nomads: reviewing the literature on expatriate English language teachers. English Australia conference. Fremantle 2001.


Teaching & Learning Award for Teaching Excellence, Queensland University of Technology, Nov 2010


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