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Dr Shaun Rawolle



Senior Lecturer In Education (Pedagogy and Curriculum)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

+61 3 522 71402

Research interests

Education policy sociology
Policy implementation
The social contract of education
Mediatization and education
Bourdieu and education studies



Member, Research for Educational Impact’

Teaching interests

EEE307 Creating effective learning environments (trimester 1)
EXE737 Leading and Managing Learning Organisations (trimester 2)

Professional activities

Co-convenor of the Policy and Politics in Education SIG for AARE


Principal led school improvement and teacher capacity building in the Barwon South Network
Dr Shaun Rawolle, Prof Russell Tytler, Dr Louise Paatsch, Dr Carol Campbell, Dr Muriel Wells
DEECD (Barwon South Network) funding 2011, 2012
Project Summary: The research involves a study of a short term School Improvement Cycle model being adopted across 23 schools in the Barwon South Network, focussing on the links between the web of decision making processes around each individual school improvement plan, and classroom practices. The research is designed to contribute to the network, to the broader public and to the researchers in specific and strategic ways. First, the research focuses on the process of school improvement as it is happening in the regional network. The network and principals will be better placed to understand how well these change processes are functioning and will have data and advice to inform future school improvement cycles. This is increasingly important in light of high stakes testing and comparisons between schools. For the broader public the research will produce benefits in providing a research model to support data-driven changes in classroom practice linked to school improvement, which will impact on the learning of students in schools. The ultimate benefits will therefore be research that enhances improvements in network and school performance based on student learning.


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Other Public Sector Funding

A short cycle model for school improvement in Barwon South Network

Dr Shaun Rawolle, Prof Russell Tytler, Dr Coral Campbell, A/Prof Louise Paatsch, Dr Muriel Wells

  • 2012: $69,600
  • 2011: $46,400

Investigating the impact for disadvantaged learners of TAFE institutions and other VET providers delivering bachelor and associate degree qualifications

Prof Trevor Gale, Dr Emma Charlton, Dr Stephen Parker, Dr Andrew Skourdoumbis, Dr Shaun Rawolle

  • 2014: $558
  • 2013: $72,687


Data will be available in 2017