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Nanofluidic electric generators constructed from boron nitride nanosheet membranes

S Qin, D Liu, Y Chen, C Chen, G Wang, J Wang, J Razal, W Lei

(2018), Vol. 47, pp. 368-373, Nano Energy, C1


Development of graphene oxide/polyaniline inks for high performance flexible microsupercapacitors via extrusion printing

Y Liu, B Zhang, Q Xu, Y Hou, S Seyedin, S Qin, G Wallace, S Beirne, J Razal, J Chen

(2018), Vol. 28, pp. 1-12, Advanced functional materials, Chichester, Eng., C1


B/N co-doped carbon nanosphere frameworks as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitors

J Hao, J Wang, S Qin, D Liu, Y Li, W Lei

(2018), Vol. 6, pp. 8053-8058, Journal of materials chemistry A, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Elastic fiber supercapacitors for wearable energy storage

Si Qin, Shayan Seyedin, Jizhen Zhang, Zhiyu Wang, Fangli Yang, Yuqing Liu, Jun Chen, Joselito Razal

(2018), Vol. 39, pp. 1-11, Macromolecular rapid communications, Chichester, Eng., C1


Porous boron carbon nitride nanosheets as efficient metal-free catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic solutions

J Wang, J Hao, D Liu, S Qin, D Portehault, Y Li, Y Chen, W Lei

(2017), Vol. 2, pp. 306-312, ACS energy letters, Washington, D.C., C1


High and stable ionic conductivity in 2D nanofluidic ion channels between boron nitride layers

S Qin, D Liu, G Wang, D Portehault, C Garvey, Y Gogotsi, W Lei, Y Chen

(2017), Vol. 139, pp. 6314-6320, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., C1


BN nanosheet/polymer films with highly anisotropic thermal conductivity for thermal management applications.

Y Wu, Y Xue, S Qin, D Liu, X Wang, X Hu, J Li, X Wang, Y Bando, D Golberg, Y Chen, Y Gogotsi, W Lei

(2017), ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Washington, D.C., C1


Superior adsorption of pharmaceutical molecules by highly porous BN

D Liu, W Lei, S Qin, K Klika, Y Chen

(2016), Vol. 18, pp. 84-88, Physical chemistry chemical physics, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Advanced N-doped mesoporous molybdenum disulfide nanosheets and the enhanced lithium-ion storage performance

S Qin, W Lei, D Liu, Y Chen

(2016), Vol. 4, pp. 1440-1445, Journal of materials chemistry a, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Functionalization of bamboo pulp fabrics with noble metal nanoparticles

B Tang, L Sun, J Li, J Kaur, H Zhu, S Qin, Y Yao, W Chen, X Wang

(2015), Vol. 113, pp. 289-298, Dyes and pigments, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


High N-content holey few-layered graphene electrocatalysts: Scalable solvent-less production

D Liu, W Lei, D Portehault, S Qin, Y Chen

(2015), Vol. 3, pp. 1682-1687, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, C1


Plasma functionalization of nanotubes

Z Chen, L Li, X Dai, Y Chen, X Wang

(2015), pp. 465-492, Nanotubes and Nanosheets: functionalization and applications of boron nitride and other nanomaterials, Boca Raton, Fla., B1


Synthesis of an indium oxide nanoparticle embedded graphene three-dimensional architecture for enhanced lithium-ion storage

S Qin, D Liu, W Lei, Y Chen

(2015), Vol. 3, pp. 18238-18243, Journal of materials chemistry a, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Functional application of noble metal nanoparticles in situ synthesized on ramie fibers

B Tang, Y Yao, J Li, S Qin, H Zhu, J Kaur, W Chen, L Sun, X Wang

(2015), Vol. 10, pp. 1-9, Nanoscale research letters, Heidelberg, Germany, C1


Boron nitride colloidal solutions, ultralight aerogels and freestanding membranes through one-step exfoliation and functionalization

W Lei, V Mochalin, D Liu, S Qin, Y Gogotsi, Y Chen

(2015), Vol. 6, pp. 1-8, Nature communications, London, Eng., C1


Boron (Carbon) Nitride Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Porosity, and Related Applications

S Qin, W Lei, D Liu, D Portehault, Y Chen

(2015), pp. 59-90, Nanotubes and Nanosheets Functionalization and Applications of Boron Nitride and Other Nanomaterials, B1


Oxygen-doped boron nitride nanosheets with excellent performance in hydrogen storage

W Lei, H Zhang, Y Wu, B Zhang, D Liu, S Qin, Z Liu, L Liu, Y Ma, Y Chen

(2014), Vol. 6, pp. 219-224, Nano Energy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Large-scale production of h-In2O3/carbon nanocomposites with enhanced lithium storage properties

D Liu, W Lei, S Qin, Y Chen

(2014), Vol. 135, pp. 128-132, Electrochimica Acta, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Template-free synthesis of functional 3D BN architecture for removal of dyes from water.

D Liu, W Lei, S Qin, Y Chen

(2014), Vol. 4, pp. 4453-, Scientific Reports, England, C1


In-situ and tunable nitrogen-doping of MoS2 nanosheets

S Qin, W Lei, D Liu, Y Chen

(2014), Vol. 4, pp. 1-5, Scientific reports, London, Eng., C1


Large-scale synthesis of hexagonal corundum-type In2O 3 by ball milling with enhanced lithium storage capabilities

D Liu, W Lei, S Qin, L Hou, Z Liu, Q Cui, Y Chen

(2013), Vol. 1, pp. 5274-5278, Journal of materials chemistry A, Cambridge, England, C1


Synthesis of single-crystal nanoparticles of indium oxide by 'urea glass' method and their electrochemical properties

S Qin, W Lei, D Liu, P Lamb, Y Chen

(2013), Vol. 91, pp. 5-8, Materials letters, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Porous boron nitride nanosheets for effective water cleaning

W Lei, D Portehault, D Liu, S Qin, Y Chen

(2013), Vol. 4, pp. 1-7, Nature communications, London, England, C1


Large scale boron carbon nitride nanosheets with enhanced lithium storage capabilities

W Lei, S Qin, D Liu, D Portehault, Z Liu, Y Chen

(2013), Vol. 49, pp. 352-354, Chemical communications, Cambridge, England, C1


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