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Change 100 Lives

Change 100 Lives

At Deakin we believe education should be made available to all students regardless of location, socio-economic status or family situation.

The Change 100 Lives campaign will enable students to access, participate and achieve a higher education.


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Progress so far:


Lives will be changed

$1,000,000 donated
Note Updated as of 10 Jun 2016.

4 in 5 students have a job

50% of full-time undergraduates reported their employment adversely affects their performance at university

39% of young people from regional areas

Only 39% of young people from regional areas intend to enroll in university

1 in 5 go without food

1 in 5 full-time low SES students report they regularly go without food or other necessities because they are unable to afford them

55% receive no financial support

1 in 4 of employed, full-time undergraduates are working over 20 hours per week during semester