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Student stories

Alex's StoryAlex's story

Financial support has given me the freedom to focus more on achieving higher results, and it made a trip to India as part of my Deakin internship a reality.

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Casey's StoryCasey's story

During her gap year in 2013, Casey had to work long hours to provide for her family as well as set herself up for her journey into higher education.

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Shaun's StoryShaun's story

After previous study, I was drawn to the patient-care aspect of medicine. I knew then that I wanted to be a little more active in helping people who were unwell.

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Kristti's StoryKristti's story

With my youngest child turning 8, I decided to go to university to better my life, and the life of my children.

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Christina's storyChristina's story

I became a carer for my mum from the age of nine, so for me, university was never really an option.

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Bryce's storyBryce's story

A few thousand dollars might not be a lot to some people, but it is a huge amount of money to me, almost a quarter of my yearly income!

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Ashlee's storyAshlee's story

Since my dad passed away, my mum has looked after my two sisters and I on her own and it's been tough on her being the main breadwinner.

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John's storyJohn's story

It was seeing some of the injustices faced by Indigenous people and our legal system that made me decide to study Law at Deakin University.

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Chris' storyChris' story

The impact of philanthropy has come full circle for me.

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4 in 5 students have a job

50% of full-time undergraduates reported their employment adversely affects their performance at university

39% of young people from regional areas

Only 39% of young people from regional areas intend to enroll in university

1 in 5 go without food

1 in 5 full-time low SES students report they regularly go without food or other necessities because they are unable to afford them

55% receive no financial support

1 in 4 of employed, full-time undergraduates are working over 20 hours per week during semester