TAFE pathways

Whether you're coming straight from high school or the workplace, you can use TAFE study as a stepping stone into university. You could even take advantage of our entry TAFE partners or our Credit For Prior Learning program to shorten the length and cost of your degree once you get here. Take the next step on the path to your dream career today.

Strengthen your employability

Completing a TAFE course before studying at Deakin means that you'll start your Deakin career having already attained one qualification. By the time you've finished at Deakin, you'll have two – something employers will love.

Flexible study to suit your lifestyle

Getting a TAFE qualification first helps get you working, earning and networking sooner in an area relevant to your studies. If you're working after TAFE, Deakin's flexible part-time study options allow you to study at the same time.

Fast-track your degree

If you receive eight credit points from your TAFE course towards your Deakin degree, that's equivalent to a full year's worth of study, meaning you could save time and money by coming straight into second year at Deakin.

Pathways from TAFE

Before starting your TAFE course, wouldn't you feel more comfortable and secure knowing there is a place for you at Deakin afterwards? By studying certain courses at one of Deakin's TAFE partners, you can. Call us now on 1800 693 888 to discuss the best way to enter Deakin University.

Our TAFE Partners

We have partnerships with the following TAFEs:

Bendigo TAFE
Box Hill Institute
Chisholm Institute
Kangan Institute
Melbourne Polytechnic
Riverina Institute
South West TAFE
The Gordon

Graduates of other institutions are welcome to apply at Deakin University.

Credit for prior learning

Many students who have completed a diploma or advanced diploma will be eligible for credit.

Learn more about Credit for prior learning and see how much you may be eligible for.

How to apply

Get started today by applying for entry through the Applicant Portal.

For any enquiries, please contact our Pathways team.

Study locally and move later

If you live far away from Deakin, relocation and living costs can be high. By spending some time studying at your local TAFE first, you can save even more money.

Smooth your transition

Whether you're transitioning from school or the workplace, beginning university study can be challenging for many. TAFE offers a staged approach to learning, easing you in to study at tertiary level.

We can help get you there

The easiest way to find your clearest pathway into Deakin is by getting in touch with our friendly staff. We can help assess your situation and tailor advice that is specific to your needs so you can get to Deakin sooner.

1800 693 888

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