Disability and Inclusion



(previously titled: People, Society and Disability)

Completion of this major will give students an opportunity to expand their job opportunities by being better informed about positive options and techniques to assist and support the one in five members of the Australian population who has some form of disability. Students undertaking this major should note that new units will be introduced progressively and will replace existing units in second and third level.

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Key information


Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online) and students enrolled in H300DA and H300WE

Unit set code

MJ-H000025 - Major

MN-H000025 - Minor

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  • Communication and Diversity HDS101 *+
  • Diversity, Disability and Social Inclusion HDS106 *+
  • Inclusive Services HDS209 *
  • Diversity At Work HDS210 +
  • The Effective Practitioner HDS301 +
  • Human Rights and Advocacy HDS310 *
  • *Units required for Minor sequence focusing on inclusive services and advocacy

    +Units required for Minor sequence focusing on inclusion practice in diverse professions

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