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Get a taste of the Deakin learning experience for free with a range of online courses delivered through FutureLearn.

These premium online courses are delivered on a social and easy-to-use platform in convenient two-week blocks.

Free Deakin courses on FutureLearn

Deakin is now offering free, two-week courses through FutureLearn. Join now or register your interest to start your learning journey.

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Full Deakin postgraduate degrees on FutureLearn

In a world first, Deakin has partnered with FutureLearn to deliver full postgraduate degrees. This means that once you've completed your free two-week course, you can then choose to continue studying and enrol in a full Deakin postgraduate degree, delivered on their innovative learning platform.

Deakin is now offering a variety of postgraduate degrees on FutureLearn across a range of interest areas, including:

Diabetes Education

  • Graduate Certificate of Diabetes Education

Information Technology

  • Graduate Certificate of Information Technology
  • Graduate Certificate of Information Technology Leadership
  • Master of Information Technology Leadership

Cyber Security

  • Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security
  • Graduate Diploma of Cyber Security
  • Master of Cyber Security

Development and Humanitarian Action

  • Graduate Certificate of Development and Humanitarian Action
  • Graduate Diploma of Development and Humanitarian Action
  • Master of Development and Humanitarian Action


  • Graduate Certificate of Professional Practice (Leadership)
  • Master of Professional Practice (Leadership)

Property and Real Estate

  • Graduate Certificate of Property and Real Estate

Browse all Deakin degrees on FutureLearn

A global community

What happens when you learn in a highly social environment with people of all ages, cultures and experiences? A richer, more worldly education. Participate in meaningful learning conversations and understand how your knowledge applies on a global scale.

How it works

Open to anyone, available 24/7 and accessible by mobile, tablet or desktop, Deakin's courses on FutureLearn fit study around your life. Learn from Deakin’s best educators and connect with others in an enjoyable, social environment. Here's how:

Register for a free, two-week Deakin course on FutureLearn

  1. Register and complete a free, two-week online course on FutureLearn to upskill for your job, forge a path to a new career, or just satisfy a hungry mind.

  2. You can then choose to purchase a certificate of achievement, which you can link to your CV or LinkedIn profile as evidence of your attainment.

Then, study a full postgraduate degree with Deakin through FutureLearn

A number of full postgraduate degrees are now available on FutureLearn. Try the first two weeks for free with people from all over the world. Then continue studying in convenient two-week blocks until you graduate with an internationally recognised qualification from Deakin University.

You can also enrol in single units without having to commit to a full degree, making your learning experience even more flexible and tailored to your needs.

FutureLearn is an innovative global platform at the forefront of online course delivery. These courses offer a highly interactive social learning experience delivered to you in easily manageable steps.



Education with industry in mind

Deakin courses are developed with international industry partners, such as Save the Children. So, as you learn, you'll gain competitive, industry-focused skills to boost your employability and give you the confidence to apply your knowledge in the real world.

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