Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET)

“Bringing vision and passion to engineering education”

Innovation is at the heart of great engineering and the role of design in this process cannot be understated. Deakin University's Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) provides some of the best future-focused engineering and design facilities, a curriculum framework configured around 'design based learning' and industry collaboration, which will enable graduates to become as visionary and forward thinking as CADET itself.

What is CADET?

CADET changes the way students learn and train to become engineers of the future. Direct collaboration with industry, an emphasis on shifting the learning model to a design based approach and using the latest equipment and facilities all culminate in 21st century engineering education.


Students have access to high-end equipment, the very latest simulation and visualisation systems and purpose-built smaller interactive laboratory and workshop learning spaces in CADET. The key focus is on digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping, 3D modelling and visualisation technologies within the three story building.


CADET alters how students learn from a traditional lecture-based learning style to a far more designed based and practical learning experience. Integrated learning environments, interactive learning spaces, industry collaboration and input all leads to well-rounded and very employable graduates of the future.

Find CADET and more information

For more information about where CADET is located and how to contact us, visit our find us page

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