Partnerships with Deakin

Partner with Deakin

Deakin partners with organisations and communities within Australia and internationally to provide better and more accessible individual educational outcomes.  We also work with communities to positively contribute to community growth and sustainability, and collaborate with organisational partners to achieve success.

Deakin University Community Bank

Deakin University and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank have formed a partnership to create the Deakin University Community Bank® initiative, a unique banking service that will return profits to the university community for programs, capital projects and more.

Australian academic partnerships

Deakin works in partnership with many Australian educational providers.

  • Partner with Deakin - Education providers are invited to express interest in joining Deakin's National Pathways Program.  This is an opportunity to partner with a university ranked third in Australia and first in Victoria for student satisfaction. Students can learn through the flexible CloudDeakin, work in supported tutor groups, or attend a Deakin Campus.
  • Deakin TAFE pathways - Deakin has a number of established TAFE pathway arrangements
  • Credit transfer for prior learning - Deakin has formal arrangements with other institutions to recognise specific courses and offer advanced standing. Previous study in other courses can also be considered.

International academic partnerships

Deakin engages with a broad range of international academic institutions across the globe. We develop sustainable and multi-faceted partnerships that deliver quality learning, research and community engagement.

Our current international academic partnerships encompass student mobility (exchange and study tours), credit for prior learning (advanced standing) and articulation arrangements, and delivery of a small number of units/courses offshore.

Research and Consulting Services

Deakin University has a number of very successful research-based partnerships with industry, business, government agencies and the wider community. We can provide research solutions and expert consultancy services by connecting your business with our world-renowned academics.

Learn about Deakin's current professional partnerships.

Professional development programs

DeakinPrime designs and delivers corporate learning solutions for various corporate and government organisations.

Support Deakin

By donating to Deakin, you can directly support research, scholarships and priority projects that are making a real difference to our communities.

Community engagement 

Across our four campuses Deakin engages with our local communities in diverse ways. We engage through our teaching and corporate education programs, research and intern partnerships with local and national organisations, international programs and our sponsorship activities.

Faculty partnerships

Learn about partnering with our faculties.

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