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Get to Deakin

Deakin University currently has four main campuses all located in Victoria. Below you'll find several links to further information to assist in your everyday or occasional travel to these campuses.

March is Transport Choices month at Deakin.

We encourage and support students and staff to make daily choices about the transport mode that works best for them, considering what they have on for the day, what the weather is like, their health and exercise plans, the costs of transportation and how much time they have available.

Everyone is encouraged to consider trying alternative transport options and to make a daily choice as to the transport mode which best matches their personal circumstances.  If driving, consider sharing a ride, maybe catching a bus or train/tram, riding a bike, walking or a combination of such transport modes.

Come on, give it a go.  Do your bit to help the environment and reduce traffic and parking congestion.

For specific details of some of the easiest options to get to one of our campuses please choose from the list below.

Deakin encourages the use of sustainable transport and we'd like to encourage you to take time to review the following links to look into some of the alternate options to single occupancy car travel and how you may be able to incorporate these into your journey to Deakin.

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