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Getting to Warrnambool campus

Cycling or walking

Many students live close to campus, so if this is you it may be easiest to walk or ride to uni.

You can use Google maps to identify bike routes and walking paths, or there are apps available such as Bike Citizen or Strava which can also help. The Bicycle Network has some tips on how to plan your journey.

Facilities available

Deakin has showers, change rooms and bike storage for when you arrive. The locations around Warrnambool campus are provided below.

Building location

Bike storage








Public transport

A bus stops frequently at the Warrnambool Campus.


Buses stop right on campus in Cafeteria Lane. The bus that stops here is:


Sherwood Park Station is on the edge of the Warrnambool Campus.

Driving and parking

Parking in any of the white bays on campus is free for students. Students are unable to park in orange bays.

Accessible parking

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, staff, and visitors who have a valid accessible parking permit issued for their use.

Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permits are no longer issued.  New permits are issued as Australian Disability Parking Permits.  Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permits and Australian Disability Parking Permits are valid until expiry.  Valid permits must be displayed clearly and a Deakin parking permit is not required.  If an accessible parking space is unavailable, vehicles displaying a valid permit may also park in orange or white bays, and a Deakin parking permit is not required.

Category 2 Disabled Persons Parking Permits are no longer issued.  New permits are issued as Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permits.  Category 2 Disabled Persons Parking Permits and Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permits and are valid until expiry.  Permit holders are not permitted to park in accessible parking bays however vehicles displaying a valid permit are permitted to park in a General white bay for double the duration of their paid parking.

If you have a temporary medical condition you can apply for a Temporary Accessible Parking Authority supported by a medical certificate or letter from a doctor or specialist. A Temporary Accessible Parking Authority must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle parked in an accessible bay and is valid for the dates indicated.

Email parking@deakin.edu.au to find out how to apply.


Deakin has Flexicar share vehicles on campus. Find out how to access Flexicar.

At Warrnambool, Flexicars are located in car park 2 and near Building P.


Students can sign up to Liftango, a free carpooling app (download from the App Store or Google Play) that matches people who share similar journeys to and from Deakin campuses. When you use it to share the ride to campus, you can park in any orange or white bay for FREE (you will still need to start a parking session with CellOPark, selecting zone 1040600 - Carpool Only).

Liftango makes sharing a trip easy; it finds you the best match based on commute time and location, helps you to organise your carpool trip, and rewards you for choosing a more sustainable way to travel. You can use Liftango every day, or just on the days that are convenient.

Keep in mind: only Deakin students and staff members can access the app. The pick-up point will need to be at least two kilometres away from campus for you to successfully use Liftango and park for free.

Find more information here about Liftango at Deakin.

Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles

Parking permits are not required for motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles. These can be parked in the designated motorcycle bays, bike parking or on footpaths, out of the way of pedestrians. Motorcycle parking is not permitted:

  • where signs indicate that motorcycles may not park
  • opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with a wheelchair sign and symbol)
  • on narrow footpaths, near taxi ranks, or bus and tram stops
  • on or near service access points, such as manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins
  • where your vehicle could damage the footpath, pedestrian facilities or landscaping
  • within one metre of a fire hydrant

Parking infringements

If you are parked incorrectly or haven’t paid for parking, it’s likely that you’ll get an infringement. More information on parking infringements.

Appeal an infringement

Welcome to Warrnambool Campus!

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