Travel surveys undertaken each year indicate that over 60 percent of staff and 30 percent of students drive to Deakin University as a sole occupant driver, producing over 39,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. That's equivalent to over 700 million black balloons! Carpooling to Deakin is one way to reduce pollution and emissions.

Looking for someone to carpool with?

Deakin University provides a free online carpool matching service which will help you find another student or staff member who lives in your area and wants to share the ride to uni. You can carpool every day or only when it is convenient.

Carpooling car parks

To support your commute to campus, Deakin Transport has established a carpooling car park on level 2 (east end) of the multi-storey car park (car park 6) on the Melbourne Burwood Campus and at the Geelong Waterfront Campus Car Park, off Brougham Street. These are designated for carpoolers only. To park in the designated area you will need to display either a daily, casual, general trimester or annual parking permit. There are no designated carpooling carparks on the other campuses at this stage, however, Deakin Transport are investigating this possibility. You can still save money in the interim by sharing the costs of a parking permit and sharing fuel costs.

PayByPhone location numbers for Deakin University's Carpool Car Parks are as follows: 

Melbourne Burwood Campus Carpool Car Park - 10162

Geelong Waterfront Campus Carpool Car Park - 10165


Tips on meeting your new carpool buddy

  • Meet at a convenient location on campus to say hello and swap details.
  • Agree at first meeting whether you will share driving.
  • Decide how you will share costs of parking: we recommend that you share the cost of a parking permit, for example, if there are 2 people carpooling and you purchase a daily permit then that will be $3 each. Purchasing a daily permit is a great way to start as you trial your new arrangement. You may want to progress to monthly or trimester parking permits as time progresses and your carpool buddy arrangement is working for you.
  • Decide how you will share the cost of petrol: you may be able to work out a similar arrangement for fuel costs as for a parking permit. If you decide to share the driving then splitting the cost for petrol may not be necessary.
  • See our FAQ under Quick Links for more answers, tips and advice.

Contact us

Please direct any carpooling enquiries to
Deakin Transport

03 522 72683


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