Aussie shoppers more powerful now than ever before

3 March 2009

Shoppers' dollars have never been more powerful or influential than now, Deakin University's retail expert Dr Kerrie Bridson said today (3 March, 2009).

"People talk about the importance of where people spend their money, never has where Australians spend their dollar been more powerful than now," she said.

"Even in a time of economic crisis, people donated generously to the Bushfire Appeal showing they will support their own, they would have the opportunity to do the same if products grown and made in Australia were labelled correctly," she said.

"For instance could you imagine the impact if everyone stopped buying Bonds?"

Dr Bridson's comments follow a push by the ACTU to ensure Local, State and Federal Governments 'buy Australian' and moves by IGA supermarkets to ensure Australian-made products are visibly labelled.


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