Credit Transfer and Recognition

Credit Transfer and Recognition (CTR) is the term used where the University allows prior learning and experiences to count towards your Deakin degree.

Credit Transfer and Recognition is split into two aspects.

Credit for credentialled learning

Credentialled learning refers to credit that is transferred to a Deakin award program from completed or partly completed studies from other accredited institutions.

Credit may be granted following a determination of equivalence and currency of study previously completed. It is based on the sources of evidence specified in the University's Credit Transfer and Recognition (CTR) procedure.

Credit for uncredentialled learning

Uncredentialled learning refers to credit toward a Deakin award program on the basis of knowledge and skills acquired through prior learning.

All applicants seeking credit for uncredentialled learning must provide a written statement outlining their case for credit, with documented evidence of their work experience and associated learning outcomes and an explanation of how this relates to the course in which they are seeking entry.

Credit will normally only be awarded for relevant work experience of at least two years standing. Credit may not normally be granted at a rate greater than one credit point per year of experience. The maximum amount of credit for uncredentialled learning will be no more than one-third of the credit points required for the award.

Where work experience is used to satisfy alternative entry requirements (particularly at the postgraduate level), credit may only be granted where learning outcomes beyond entry level can be substantiated.

How to qualify

The CTR database is a guide for students who have completed  study at other tertiary institutions and wish to gain credit towards a Deakin  course. Credit towards a Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment course will only be  granted when the appropriate paperwork has been completed. Final determination  of CTR will be carried out by the faculty's CTR Coordinators.

Normally, the faculty will not  grant credit for any award that is older than seven years towards an  undergraduate degree or four years for a postgraduate degree. This recognises  the rate of change in science and technology disciplines. CTR Coordinators have  some discretion in this matter within the limits and subject to the University  policy provided the applicant can demonstrate that he/she has maintained  currency in the discipline (whether through relevant work experience,  professional development courses etc.)

Direct online applications (Trimester 2 and 3)

Application process for Campus students

You  should apply for Credit Transfer and Recognition (CTR) when you submit your online  application for your course. Certified copies of all necessary supporting  documents such as your original transcripts, certificates unit/subject  descriptions should be included as directed.

At enrolment you will then be  advised of any eligible CTR and enrolled accordingly. You cannot apply for CTR  for studies you have not yet completed. If you were still completing other  study when you first submitted your application for entry, and you are  subsequently successful with those studies, you can apply for additional  credit.

If your enrolment needs any adjustment at this time it is your responsibility to amend your enrolment online using DeakinSync.

Application for Cloud students

If  you think you may qualify for Credit Transfer and Recognition (CTR) you need to apply  when you submit your online application for your course. Certified copies of  all necessary supporting documents such as your original transcripts,  certificates and unit/subject descriptions and should be included as directed.

You will be advised of the success of your application for CTR when the  University's offer of enrolment is sent to you. You cannot apply for CTR for  studies you have not yet completed. If you were still completing other study  when you first submitted your application for entry, and you are subsequently successful with those studies, you can apply for additional credit. If your  enrolment needs any adjustment at this time it is your responsibility to vary  your enrolment online in accordance with the timelines set out in the University Handbook.

CTR  is not normally granted for studies completed elsewhere once you have started  your Deakin course. If you do wish to apply for CTR for any other studies you  are doing concurrent with your Deakin studies, you must obtain faculty approval  beforehand from a Student Adviser.

More information


For any enquiries regarding the process and eligibility, please contact a Student Adviser at one of our support centres or via email or phone.

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