Job searching tips for international students

You can approach the job search in Australia, in the same way as your fellow Australian students, however there are a few extra considerations.

Remember, being flexible in the type of occupation, organisation and location, will open up more options for you. Make sure your expectations are reasonable. It may take months to find a job and you may need to apply for multiple jobs before you get a position.

Before you begin your job search, please consider the following:

First steps

  • Find out what your visa restrictions and conditions are before you commence your search. Check the Department of immigration website for more information
  • Be clear about your residency status as opposed to your country of residency
  • Research the Australian job market, keep up to date with market trends
  • Your networks are crucial, so build and maintain your networks, keep in touch with friends, lecturers, business connections or get involved in a student club
  • Attend a workshop to improve your English language and communication skills
  • Book an appointment to see a Career Consultant at Career Education if you need assistance with your career goals and job search strategies

Resume tips

  • Use Career Guru to create your resume
  • You may want to write a separate section for "International experience"
  • Make sure you include in your English language and cross cultural communication skills as your diverse language abilities could be an advantage in the work place
  • Make sure you have local Australian work or voluntary experience
  • Make sure you list at least one Australian referee on your resume
  • Book an appointment with Career Education to get your resume checked

Use a variety of job search methods

  • Embrace networking and ask employers directly for job opportunities
  • Utilise social media, especially LinkedIn
  • Find out what recruitment agencies can do for you
  • Register with Career Education for casual, part-time, full-time and graduate jobs
  • Research websites of employers you want to work for
  • Join professional associations that provide student memberships

The selection process

  • Be aware of cultural expectations in Australia and your rights and obligations in the workplace
  • Use Career Guru for interview preparation and practice
  • In addition, practice your interview technique with friends and other students
  • Practice and prepare for psychometric testing
  • Book an appointment with Career Education for assistance with the job selection process
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