Under 18 Students

Students under 18

If you are an international student who is under 18 years old with CAAW, you need to oblige to strict guidelines while studying at Deakin. International Student Advisers will conduct monthly meeting at Drop-in centre with you to ensure your welfare is well looked after.

Your accommodation and welfare arrangements must be continued until you turn 18 years of age. Please contact your campus International Student Adviser if you have any questions or concerns.

Your local carer / guardian

Your local carer (guardian) will meet with you on regular basis. You should discuss any concerns with your carer, or contact the carer when you need assistance (e.g. opening a bank account, going to a doctor, etc.).
You should contact your campus International Student Adviser if you have any concern or issue about your carer.

Living in your Homestay

Staying at your Homestay

You must sleep at the homestay every night, and you must be home by nightfall. You need to obtain approval from an International Student Adviser and notify your homestay if you have to stay the night outside of the homestay. This usually requires your parent’s written consent, so you need to request for the approval ahead of time.


Australia is a very safe place to live. However, you must always be security conscious. Discuss security rules with your homestay host when you arrive. Note that homes do not normally have locks on bathroom or bedroom doors. Keep your host informed about where you go. If you do not tell your host where you are, and are absent from your homestay for over 24 hours, we are obliged to contact the police.

Personal property insurance

If you are bringing expensive items with you to Australia, such as a laptop computer, digital camera or jewellery, we recommend that you apply for personal property insurance. This will insure such items against loss or theft. Your homestay host’s insurance does not cover students staying in the homeowner’s house or their visitors.

Your bedroom

Your bedroom will have a desk, a light, a chair and a comfortable bed. If required, a heater can be provided, but you may be asked to pay an additional cost for its use.


You are expected to buy your own toothpaste and shampoo, but the host provides items such as toilet paper, towels and bed linen.


Your host will provide you with three meals a day. Breakfast and lunch are usually self-service and the host prepares dinner. If you prefer to buy your own lunch just let your host know. It is also polite to notify your host in advance if you will be late for meals or eating elsewhere.


Homestays are equipped with laundry facilities and you should be prepared to do your own washing and ironing, though sometimes your host may offer to do it. Do not use the washing machine for a small load, as this is not economical. Clothes are normally dried outside on a clothesline or on a clotheshorse.


You are responsible for cleaning your bedroom and should clean up the kitchen and bathroom after use. In an Australian home, everybody is expected to participate in household duties as both parents often work and there are no servants or maids. As part of the household, you should help with small jobs such as washing dishes, putting out the rubbish or helping to prepare meals. It will help you to feel a part of the family and will also help you and your homestay family to get to know each other better.

Telephone and Internet

The homestay fee does not cover telephone charges and you will need to ask your homestay family for permission before you use their telephone. You are responsible for paying all of your phone calls. Local calls cost about 50 cents each. International calls vary in cost and therefore, it is recommended that you keep in touch with your family by using an international calling card which can be used from a public or home telephone. This is a cheaper method for you to call home and you will not be surprised by a large bill from the homestay telephone. You can also use reverse charges to keep in touch with your family (please note that reverse charge calls can be expensive). Please make sure that you follow the rules about telephone use set by the host and ensure that you pay all your bills before leaving the homestay. Internet fees for unlimited broadband access are maximum A$10 per week in homestay (where it is available).


You are normally allowed to bring visitors to your homestay but please discuss with your host first.

Changing your Homestay or Local Carer

If you want to change your accommodation or local carer, you must get approval from Deakin University, or your enrolment may be cancelled. Deakin University will then notify DIBP about any changes and whether or not it approves them. Please contact an International Student Adviser if you have any questions.

The laws in Australia

People who are under 18:

  • Are not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke
  • Are not allowed on licensed premises (e.g.: bars, nightclubs or casinos)
  • Are not allowed to gamble.
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